Project Runway Season 12 Episode 2 – Million Dollar Runway: Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Episode

Project Runway 12-ep2_6 Project Runway’s second episode started in a very serious way. Two security guards are standing on the runway, looking intimidating as the Project Runway season 12 contestants wondered what could possibly be going on.
Heidi_Klum_Project Runway 12-ep2-1
Heidi Klum
Everyone is relieved when Heidi shows up with the button bag. She reveals the week’s challenge as the models saunter onto the runway – wearing $30 million of jewels. The designers are challenged to create a look that is glamorous enough to walk down the runway with the jewelry as an accessory. The designers choose their models – and accompanying jewelry – and head back to the design studio to sketch. Tim comes in and tells them this is a one-day challenge: the designers only have one day to create evening wear. This seems to be more of a challenge than finding inspiration in jewelry! And they’re off to Mood. The designers have $4,000 to manage for the whole season, so Time tells them to spend wisely. After making their purchases, the designers get to work. It’s clear that the stress level is high for this challenge. When Tim comes in for his critique, Timothy finds he needs to do something drastic to his design, or he will run the risk of going home. So, he enlists the help of any other designer willing to give it. This is a risky move in itself. Timothy really needs to stick to his design aesthetic, so he can translate who he is through his garment. The other designers’ suggestions might create some confusion as to the direction of the gown. And in the end, the winner of Project Runway should be able to make their own decisions. Frustrations and arguments break out. Sandro’s argument with Ken and, later, his meltdown, beg the question: Is the fighting worth it? In a high-tension environment, the best way to go seems to be to keep quiet and work hard.
Project Runway 12-ep2_Judges_8
Judges Eric Daman, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen and Heidi Klum
The workroom tensions ceased to make way for a new kind of stress: the runway show. This week, the guest judge was costume designer Eric Daman. As always, there were hits and misses. More drama ensued during the show, when Helen had a break down. Tim comforted her as she cried, knowing the construction of her unfinished dress was nowhere near the judge’s standards. But at this point, nothing could be done. In the end, the top three were Kate, Dom, and Sandro. The bottom three were Timothy, Kahindo, and Helen. Sandro’s place in the top three was a little surprising – the lace details were a bit much, and as the judges put it, he really walks the line between “stripper and chic.” And Bradon’s gown, with its glimmering sex appeal, seemed like a bigger contender. Kate, with her beautifully constructed Marie Antoinette-inspired gown, won the challenge. The dress complemented the jewels perfectly, and the draping and execution of the gown were spot-on. Unfortunately, Chicago-based designer Kahindo was out. Her design was too simple to be interesting, and the pattern of the fabric was not in the best taste.
Project Runway 12-ep2_
Kate “You are the winner of this challenge!”
Project Runway 12-ep2_14
Dom with her design
Project Runway 12-ep2_10
Sandro with his design
Project Runway 12-ep2_13
Helen with her design
Project Runway 12-ep2_16
Timothy with his design
Project Runway 12-ep2_15
Kalinda, “You re out!”
Memorable Quotes:  “They say diamonds are a woman’s best friend – let’s see if they are a designer’s best friend, too.” – Heidi “Don’t be a bitch to me, it’s too early.” – Sandro “Sandro needs to take it from level 10 to level 6. He’s on his period.” – Ken “I think it looks like a dress on sale.” – Zac “I am boob obsessed.” – Heidi “This up-close is 100 times worse.”  – Heidi “He walks the line between “Stripper and chic” – Nina and Eric Be sure to check out our other favorite site dedicated to all things Project Runway…Blogging Project Runway! – Tanisha Wallis Photos: Lifetime

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