Project Runway, Season 12 Episode 14: Finale, Part 2. Memorable Quotes From Last Night’s Episode


The final episode begins with the designers taking their last trip to Mood to buy washable fabric for the Tide Pods Washable challenge. They will create a garment to include in their collection that is both machine-washable and stylish. Tim Gunn gives some last minute advice on the collections and there is some time to tweak the looks. The designers are busy preparing for their Fashion Week runway shows. Hair and makeup consultations, model fittings, and creating a model lineup all get done in one day! Tim has a last motivational chat with the designers and the mood is happy and emotional. The day of the Fashion Week runway show has arrived! Backstage, there is drama! (But of course there’s drama, what did you expect?) One of Justin’s models broke her ankle and they must cast an alternate. Alexandria is being slightly neurotic about everything, which annoys Dom. Bradon is nervous because the models have their food and drinks near his clothes, and unfortunately a model spills coffee on his silk dress.
Project Runway Seaond 12 Finale Judges Kerry Washington, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen and Heidi Klum
Justin shows his collection first, followed by Dom, then Alexandria, and finally Bradon. The designer’s families are in the front row and actress Kerry Washington is the guest judge. After the show, all the designers receive high praise from all the guests who attended. In an extremely emotional last judging panel, all the collections receive high praise from the judges. This really could be anyone’s win! Each designer certainly deserves to win in their own right. Ultimately, it all comes down to Dom and Alexandria. (Bradon got jipped!) And the winner of Project Runway Season 12 is…. drumroll please… Dom!! Congratulations to her, she definitely deserved it! Her collection was stunning and she is extremely talented. Thank you to everyone who watched with us and get ready for next season… it’s bound to be great!
“Dom, You are the winner of Project Runway Season 12!”
Alexandria with her collection
Bradon with his collection
Justin with his collection
Memorable Quotes: “Who are you, Beyonce?” –Dom “My collection is weird… in a great way!” –Bradon “Okay, we need to have a group hug.” –Tim “Is there a wrangler?” –Bradon “I want a martini and a cigarette after seeing half of that… I’m sold!” –Gregg (Stylist) “She had hot pants!! She did!” –Babet (Stylist) “Bathing suits in fashion shows are for the straight dudes!” –Zac “I’m confident that this is anyone’s game.” –Tim “We might all be calling you because we want your clothes.” –Heidi “I don’t think there have ever been this many tears on this runway!” –Heidi “I mean I’m poor… I’m working two jobs, people!” –Dom (Not anymore, Dom!) “How thrilling is this! How thrilling!!” –Tim Be sure to check out our other favorite site dedicated to all things Project Runway…Blogging Project Runway! – Claire Mykrantz Photos: Lifetime

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