Project Runway, Season 12 Episode 10: Project Runway SuperFan! Memorable Quotes From Last Night’s Episode

Project_Runway_12_10_8 Hundreds of Project Runway fans submitted videos explaining why they needed makeovers. Eight women were chosen to have the ultimate Project Runway experience! The ladies meet Tim Gunn and are very excited. They tour Parsons and even get to walk the runway. Each of the fans will get a makeover by a designer and will be both the client and the model. Thankfully, the designers have two days to create their look. After sketching and shopping at Mood, the super fans meet with a L’Oreal Paris hairstylist for hair consultations. Part of their makeover includes a new hairstyle! Later on, some drama occurs when the guys have to rearrange living arrangements because some designers have gone home. Ken throws a fit and totally freaks out! He doesn’t want to live with more people. The next day during fittings, most of the women love the looks that were created for them. Alexander is stressed because he’s very behind. Pre-runway show makeup is special in this episode because the women try out new looks and have fun experimenting with bold lips and eyes.
(Left to right) Tim Gunn, Guest Judge Erin Fetherston, Zanna Roberts Rassi, Zac Posen and Heidi Klum,
Fashion designer Erin Fetherston is this week’s guest judge and Zanna Roberts Rassi, senior fashion editor for Marie Claire, is filling in for Nina Garcia. The super fans have fun strutting down the runway in their new looks! Kate’s score and Dom’s score qualify them to move on to the next challenge. After talking to the super fans, the judges announce that Helen is the winner! Her gown is stunning and elegant. Ken and Alexander land in the bottom and Ken is out. Will the level of drama be significantly lower next week? Maybe, as Ken was always starting a fight!
Helen, “You are the winner of this challenge!”
Ken, “You are out!”
  Memorable Quotes: “One candy bar is too much, and the whole table is too much.” –Tim “Honestly, I’m scared as hell!” –Ken “I’m gonna make her look so hot!” –Helen “Her husband’s jaw will drop.” –Dom “So long privacy!” –Bradon “I got a big ass suitcase… bigger than you!” –Alexander “I can throw drama too, honey!” –Bradon “It brought out her eyes… she’s glowing!” –Justin “She’s not naked, but it’s not done.” –Alexander “It looks like a couch from the 70’s.” –Ken “I wrote down maternity librarian.” –Zac “It’s giving me an oompa-loompa shape!” –Zac “I nearly fell off my chair!” –Zanna “I’m a fan of great looking boobs… I’m the boob patrol!” –Heidi Be sure to check out our other favorite site dedicated to all things Project Runway…Blogging Project Runway! – Claire Mykrantz Photos: Lifetime

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