Project Runway Season 10 Episode 14: Finale Part 2. Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Episode

Project Runway Season 10 Final four designers
We’re finally at the end of our Project Runway journey and so are the final four designers. For them, this journey hasn’t been an easy one, although I have to admit it was hilarious at times to witness some of their struggles. It’s been an exciting season to watch, but I think we’re all ready to see who is crowned the season 10 winner. While the designers completed their final looks and picked out the perfect hair and make-up combinations, the sense of anticipation could be felt throughout the workroom. The four of them were so close to their goal, but only one would actually achieve it. However, I noticed that there was something off with the workroom dynamic. Christopher who had been on top since the very beginning was struggling quite a bit during these last moments of the competition. He was so confused about what he should be creating and didn’t really have the focus necessary to get through these crucial points of the competition. The designers were granted one final trip to mood and $300 to finish up their runway looks. However, Christopher still had no idea where he was headed. Not to mention he was extraordinarily catty this time around. It was as if thought he was beyond the criticism of Tim and the judges. He was just going to do what he wanted. And what he wanted to do was create more looks. So, instead of refining what he already had he started on new assignments. It almost seemed like he switched roles with Melissa since he was now the one frantically rushing around. Well – Melissa was still rushing around trying to finish things, but she was no where near Christopher’s level of insanity. Things only got worse for Christopher when it was time to decide on hairstyles for his models. He was so indecisive about his line that it was affecting his ability to make other decisions. On the other end of things, Fabio and Dmitry seemed to be coasting through the remainder of the competition. During the moments of complete chaos for Christopher and Melissa, Fabio and Dmitry were just sitting back and admiring everything. They were so confident it their work that you could tell they would have two of the stronger collections.
Dmitry with Tim Gunn backstage
Once all of the models were fitted and dolled up, they were ready to take on Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. The judges came out like a glamor squad to open the show (But why was Michael Kors wearing those sunglasses? They were borderline Ray Charles). Christopher’s line was the first to show, but before he could make it out onto the runway he had a last minute gown emergency when the underlining got tangled in his model’s shoe (the stress never ends). Once that issue was handled, he put on a great show with his X-ray prints and bleached leather designs. But did anyone catch his last model almost tripped as she was exiting the runway with him? The next out was Melissa’s line, and I must say that I was very surprised (in a good way) at how it turned out. It was hard to envision Melissa doing this quality of work because in the past she was always scraping things together at the last minute. But a little time worked a big miracle for her. After Melissa’s show came Dmitry. As usual, his line was extremely polished and looked expensive. The quality of his work was amazing and his styling was on-point. Not to mention his dresses were phenomenal. And the last to take the runway was Fabio. Seeing his show was a breath of fresh air from the previous collections which were comprised of darker colors. Fabio’s loose garments flowed and the pastel colors only added to the magic of his “Cosmic Tribalism.”
Judges Jennifer Hudson (wearing green), Nina Garcia, Michael Kors and Heidi Klum
Now it was all up to the judges including guest, Jennifer Hudson. They believed the hair and make-up in Melissa’s show was spot-on. And Nina especially loved that her collection gave off a cool, sexy vibe without being slutty. Michael did point out that her white dress was way to difficult for her model to move in, and he would rather see someone pull her on a skateboard to solve the issue. For Christopher, they loved his splattered leather and X-ray print since he was the only one to use a specific print in the entire show. But they didn’t think that his gown fit in with the rest of his show and his line seemed a little all over the place. The judges applauded Dmitry for his impeccably made garments. They looked very expensive, and they were well designed. As for Fabio, Heidi was head-over-heels in love with his line. She admitted it wasn’t something she thought she would ever wear, but now she wants it all. It was very fresh and different from the rest but still remained completely Fabio. At the end of the runway deliberation, Christopher and Melissa had the weaker collections and were the first to go. Now it was down to Fabio and Dmitry. Both had great lines, but it was more about who was ready for the industry now. And that person wasn’t Fabio. He still needed more time to develop his style as a designer, but after his final interview it was sad to see him go. So that left Dmitry as the last designer standing. He finally got his wings! 
Dmitry, You are the winner of Project Runway Season 10!
Dmitry’s design
Memorable Quotes: “Well, my wish came true.” -Tim Gunn “This is not a time for tears.” -Tim Gunn “We like the X-ray print, but there’s no clothes.” -Christopher “I need to make a couple more things, and until those things are made, no one is smiling.” -Christopher “If there ever were a make-it-work moment, it’s this one.” -Tim Gunn “I just feel like I got hit by a car.” -Christopher “I always make things sexy — like really sexy.” -Dmitry “Coral seduction — wooo.” -Melissa “Blood orange — it’s so pretentious. Shut up, it’s f***ing red.” -Christopher “Fabio’s kind of chill, and I’m chill too.” -Dmitry “Awhh, alcohol.” -Dmitry “I’m going to need a facelift and a hair-dye job after this.” -Christopher “Oh my God, my grandmother would be rolling in her grave right now.” -Christopher “It’s rich, honey.” -Jennifer Hudson “Winning Project Runway would give me the wings to fly.” -Dmitry “If Fabio doesn’t win, I’m going to be really upset.” -Christopher “Dmitry you have your wings. Go and fly.” -Heidi “My biggest fans!” -Dmitry Check out our favorite site devoted to Project Runway: Blogging Project Runway!
–Jamie Wilson
 Photos: Lifetime

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