Project Runway Review: Season 13, Episode 7: Priceless Runway. Memorable Quotes From Last Night’s Show

project runway, Charm Season 13-ep7
“You like me, you really, really like me…” at least that’s what Char learned after least week’s unfortunate elimination on Project Runway. Not only did Tim Gunn resent her demise, the other designers missed her too. It weighed so heavily on Tim, he decided to turn back the hands of time, as only Father Tim can do, and used his ‘Tim Gunn Save’ on Char. She’s back. The other designers were excited to have her back until the fog lifted and they realized they were not going to be saved themselves. Yet, before this happened…the challenge was presented.
With Heidi MIA Tim greeted the designers with Chopard co-president/artistic director Caroline Scheufele to announce the next challenge and it was obviously going to be a good one. Before the designers was a dizzying array of otherworldly luxury jewels. We are not talking costume, but millions of dollars worth of baubles. Each designer had to pick the piece/pieces that inspired them to produce an extravagant eveningwear look. In one day. With a budget of $250. Good luck with that.
Out came the button bag and Sean not only had immunity, but got first dibs so he chose a jaw-dropping sapphire and diamond necklace. I’d like to say that someone got screwed out of the pieces they wanted, but that didn’t happen. Boring.
Off to sketch for a half hour in the workroom and that’s when Char made her surprising return. But, before the designers went to Mood, they got to take a field trip to the Met to see the Charles James exhibition. Who is Charles James you may wonder? He was a British-born, American fashion designer (Chicago, New York) known as “America’s First Couturier”. His structured, sculptural, extravagant ball gowns from the 20’s through the 60’s were on display until last month. The exhibition was to inspire the designers.
Tim Gunn, Project Runway
Back in the workroom it was boringly non-eventful. There was no bitchiness, backstabbing or major insecurities. Oddly Speedy Gonzales Kini had fit issues with his poor fabric choice for eveningwear: neoprene. Amanda did battle with her ultra sheer white (I have no idea what that fabric was) coat. Tim reminded Char he needed her to kick ass and told Korina the seaming of her upholstery coat was off. Street style loving Samantha admitted she had never made eveningwear because she doesn’t personally have a need for it. Blah, blah, blah.
project runway season 13, episode 7,  judges
Let’s go to the runwaaaay:
Finally a panel worthy of the show. There was no guest celebrity or D-lister to add nothing as in week’s past. The only non-regular was Chopard’s Scheufele who actually had something to say and knew what would compliment the jewels best. Yet, as for the other judges they all obviously smoked something before the runway. Things just got interesting.
Korinna, project runway 13-ep7
Korina – The panel loved everything about this look. Zac called it “Deeda Blair meets Dracula” and complimented her Korina on her best work so far. The contrast of the dark, glittery necklace against the black fabric of the dress, which they all ogled over even though it looked like a nothin- special LBD we have all seen before. The coat, albeit heavy, was pretty cool, but not worth the first win she received.
Sean, project runway 13-ep7
Sean – Sean’s royal-worthy gown should have won. I thought he was going to receive the first Project Runway Hat Trick, but alas the sofa coat won. He was the only designer to actually listen to the challenge and produced the most elegant gown worthy of the jewels. Hell, even guest judge Scheufele said it was worthy of being featured on Chopard’s catalogue cover, yet it didn’t win? Um, hello? McFly? Now we can’t call him Trifecta Sean, for which I am bummed.
Amanda, project runway season 13-ep7
Amanda – Now here is where I thought the judges LOST their minds. Since they have all drunk the Amanda Kool-Aid, this crappy look which should have put her in the bottom 3 for sure, had Nina and Heidi drooling. The jumpsuit Amanda made before and the poly-gauze belted overcoat was beyond HIDEOUS. Surprisingly Zac was the only voice of reason (I am beginning to like him better now that he has relaxed in this role) and declared anyone who wore it would be a Worst Dressed candidate. I totally agree.
Kini, project runway season 13-ep7
Kini – Poor Kini. He was robbed (so he thought) on a win last week and now he could have gone home for the tragically fitting top part (read: breast area) of his dress. While the judges liked his use of sheer fabric and the movement of the dress, they were surprised he of all people could not achieve his usual perfect construction. Well apparently that’s hard to do with neoprene. So it was his fabric’s fault (not his for choosing it) and he’s safe. Der.
Alexander, project runway season 13 ep7
Alexander – Perpetually (appearing to )stoned Alexander could not comprehend that his fugly gown was on the bottom. Nevermind that the neckline hid the gorgeous massive gem of the featured necklace. Even though the one note of praise was that the gown was “visually interesting”, the fabric was a poor choice and the construction, particularly in the back, was awful. Zac said it looked “tortured”. He’s safe to light another bong until next week. But henceforth he shall be known as Cheech Alexander.

Samantha, Project Runway Season 13 ep 7
“Samantha, You are out!”

Samantha – It should come as no surprise that Samantha was eliminated because her gown was a snoozer. The nail in her coffin was when Nina said it was a dress for a PR person or an assistant, not a star. She was reminded this was a design competition and even though she herself doesn’t wear formal, she needed to bring her A Game. Buh bye.
Memorable Quotes:
“Just bling, diamonds, and heaven.” – Kini
“I’m kind of hoping that the prize is that we win the jewels…I would like some diamonds.” – Amanda
“I’ve gotta do it, they have hearts on them…my last name is Valentine.” – Amanda
“Well when I presented the challenge to the designers I realize there was a big void among them and that void is you.” – Tim
“I’m using my Tim Gunn Save.” – Tim
“Its looking a little … hootchie.” – Tim
“Why did that top with that crew neck happen at all?” – Tim
“I was gong to use upholstery fabric but you could be called out on making a couch.” – Sean
“Oh yayyy somebody’s back, and then you realize they just used your Tim Gun save.” – Kini
“She looks like a bad-ass. It’s clear that she’s mine, and I like that.” – Amanda
“I appreciate risk. Unfortunately, the ladies thought it was amazing; I thought it would get you on the worst dress list.” – Zac
“It was Deeda Blair meets Dracula..” -Zac
“She looks like Princess Grace just got stuck in the spin cycle of the laundry.” – Nina
“It’s torture.” – Zac
“It’s almost like the dress the PR intern would wear on the red carpet.” – Nina
“You should be a designer!” – Heidi to Zac
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– Lauren Dimet Waters
Photos: Lifetime

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