Project Runway Review: Season 13 Episode 5, Dress Heidi, Please. Memorable Quotes From Last Night’s Show

project runway season 13 episode 5, Tim Gunn, Heidi Klum Dressing Heidi. Hasn’t this done before? Several times? Well we can be thankful it wasn’t another far-reaching Red Robin type challenge I suppose. Last night’s challenge was to design a red-carpet look for Heidi to wear to the Creative Arts Emmy Awards. Heidi Klum is not afraid of a red carpet or a runway for that matter, but she should be afraid of fashion critics who love to take aim at some of her poor choices (this one included). Yet, oddly she is very particular about what she likes and doesn’t like and the designers needed to be in tune with that. Now, if you even knew about The Creative Arts Emmy Awards (I didn’t) then you probably already knew who won since they were held last Sunday and there were pictures on the Internets of the Kluminator in the winning dress… Good one Lifetime. I digress. Each designer had a $250 budget to spend at Mood and one day to work. Amanda lucked out because she had immunity from last week’s hippie-chic win. Unfortunately the designers had to buy fabric before they spoke to Heidi so getting the fabric right on the first try was imperative. And as expected, some of them failed miserably. During Heidi’s first cruise around the workroom she immediately told Korina (ugly green), Kristine (can’t remember), Mitchell (tacky), and Sandhya (too Dynasty – which I took offense to), their material choices were failures and she wasn’t going to like/wear them. After letting those designers stew (freak out) a bit longer, Tim and Heidi came back and explain since she has to wear one of these dresses, they get the option of going back to Mood with an extra $100 each and a chance to redeem themselves. However, they’d lose valuable work time and considering putting a red carpet worthy dress together in one day is nearly impossible, it’s a risk. Sandhya, Mitchell, Samantha, Char, Korina, and Kristine take the money and run – to Mood. Sandhya strategically hustles and gets the designers to fork over their remaining money so she can buy uber expensive fabric…and they gave it to her! It’s a competition you idiots! I would have used my extra money to buy 100 buttons I didn’t need and a “Thank You Mood” souvenir t-shirt, but that’s me. Now these designers are exhausted and scrambling and Mitchell, Kristine and Korina seem so thrown off their game, it doesn’t look like they will recover. Speedy Gonzales Kini is already done and napping. project runway 13-ep5 Judges episode32 Off to the runway! And who is the guest judge? Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn. Another useless dud. Lifetime, just because someone wears clothes does not make them knowledgeable about fashion. Remember “Heidiwood Clothing” by Heidi Montag or “6126” by Lindsay Lohan? Didn’t think so. In a nutshell, here’s how it played out. Let’s start with the top 3. Suck-up and judge favorite Amanda, thrilled Nina and Heidi with a paneled gown that gave Zac “an allergic reaction.” Lindsey added this gem: “it won’t photograph well.” Personally I don’t think Amanda should have made the top 3. Then there is Kini whose black gown (which he made in a matter of minutes), appeals to Heidi because the back is open and sleazy. Yet, the fit and construction gave Zac a hard-on. Now finally we had Sean who I have personally been gunning for since day one. I think he is a dark horse and silently brilliant (with some mistakes for sure). Anyway, his blue chevron fringed gown is elegant, yet playful. He won and I’m elated.
Heidi with the top three designs (left to right) Amanda’s design, Sean’s Design and Kini’s Design
Now for the bottom three. Mitchell’s lack of taste and eroded self-confidence enabled him to send a “Hot Mess Express” (his words) down the runway. Nina called it a Christmas ornament. Everything was wrong with it including the design, fabric, construction and fit. Korina, who never regained consciousness after being knocked down by Heidi’s first critique, still stupidly sent a green (just different shade of green) poorly constructed dress out. It was widely hated and criticized. Then there was Kristine who for two weeks in a row has proven she is lacking in design and construction skills so when Zac declared her dress as unwearable and unacceptable (I agreed) you knew she was out. I didn’t think they would cut two loose, but Mitchell was also sent packing. Kornia was a puddle of tears, but safe. Hope she recovers. And then there were 10…
project runway, season 13 - ep 5, Sean-winner
“Sean, You are the winner of this challenge!”
project runway Mitchell Out
“Mitchell, You are out!”
project runway 13-ep5 Kristine is out
“Kristine, You are out!”
Memorable Quotes “I’m wearing this, so it better be good!” -Heidi “Don’t bore Heidi!” – Tim “It looks like devil’s horns from the side.” -Heidi “The beaded trim gives me an allergic reaction.” -Zac “Like a boob canyon.” -Zac “I think it is like The Devil Wears Prada, but it is the devil.” -Lindsey Vonn “The fabric beat me up!” – Mitchell “It hurts my eyes…” -Heidi “This red in particular … she looks like a Christmas ornament.” -Nina “It’s amazing … you’re a very good hairdresser, too!” -Heidi “It’s so old lady…” -Nina “Its such a boring simple mother of the bride’s dress.” “I wouldn’t wear it either.” -Zac “To go home with an ugly dress is the worst feeling in the world.” -Korina “This is a zero to me.” – Zac “It’s a uniboob, No one should be wearing this!” – Heidi   Tweet along live with us at Be sure to check out our other favorite site dedicated to all things Project Runway…Blogging Project Runway! – Lauren Dimet Waters Photos: Lifetime

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