Project Runway Review: Season 13 Episode 3, Welcome to the Future. Memorable Quotes From Last Night’s Show

Project Runway 13 ep3 Designers For this episode the designers were told by Marie Claire‘s new editor-in-chief Anne Fulenwider who was the guest judge, to create a futuristic look inspired by the year 1994…the year Marie Clarie launched. The designers were to take inspiration from themselves in 1994 (many of which were still wee ones) to create a look that they felt would still be relevant and wearable in the year 2034. So they had to look 20 years back in order to look 20 years forward, from today. Got that?
Project Runway 13-ep3 Tim Gunn Marie Claire Anne Fulenwider
Tim Gunn and Anne Fulenwider
In a nutshell what we saw was basically a lot of dark and depressing clothing. Obviously the designers feel the world will be bleak. Maybe so, but there were a few exceptions, yet not many good ones. Mitchell made an aqua blue scuba wetsuit style dress because he believes the world, or at least Miami where he is from, will be submerged in water. Amanda thought she hit the jackpot and made an awful bustier with bell bottoms (they said ’94, not ’74) and a sheer overlay. I was thankful the judges called her out on it, but she had immunity. Poor Alexander lost his way and made a somber burlap bag with a leather bib. Hernan made a dress of black straps of chiffon that left his model literally exposed, until she actually walked the runway. Sean who I had high hopes for made a sad black turtleneck dress with an even sadder blue coat in a material that showed every wrinkle. Then he constructed a Mary Poppins hat out of his Mood bag. It was utterly confusing and hideous. Our stressed-out and close-to-a-breakdown Angela made a drab colored and ill conceived jacket vest with one lapel and a skirt that was beyond short and unflattering. It was a hot mess. Now for the more promising designs. Emily made a snood jacket over an amazing black leather jumpsuit that I would love to own. Mind you, Nina commented that she has seen this before. But on Project Runway? In a day? I think not. Nina needs to lighten up this season, but I digress. Kristine not only pulled it together after Tim Gunn’s critique, but knocked it out of the park! Her green jacket with cut outs on the bottom of the sleeves was innovative, but it was her white leather layered dress (it was really 4 pieces) that stole the show. I thought she should have won. Yet alas, Sandhya confused all the other designers with her pink shift dress and metallic tubing embellishments. The judges ate it up hook, line and sinker. Sandhya nailed her second win and not surprisingly Angela was put out of misery and sent packing. She probably didn’t pass go and went directly on a stress and anxiety rehab retreat. Actually she was probably relieved. Some people are just not cut out for that kind of pressure cooker and I think she recognized it. Frankly, I don’t think I could do it either, but as boring as this episode was I still like watching the creative process. I just wish Michael Kors was still there to add some much needed humor and snarkiness which is seriously missing this season. #bringbackMichaelKors
Project Runway 13 ep3 Winner Sandhya
“Sandhya, You are the winner of this challenge.”
Project Runway 13, Angela's design
“Angela, You are out!”
Memorable Quotes In 1994 – I was 14 years old and I was finding out that I was just getting into fashion. would probably wear vests over some t-shirts with some medallions…  – Zac Oh my gosh we finally get to go to Mood…Woo!! And find fabrics that we like! – Kini Mitchell you look like you should be on Full House or something! – Amanda My pictures from 1994 … And I look like a total dweeb – Korina I look and everyone is like little kids and I’m like 21! -Emily This top will be there death of me.  – fäde Just go “ekkklekkuz” and h half the German population understands you… – fäde I think everyone got carried way because Anne said gruuunge. – Mitchell In this drawing, it looks like she’s going ice skating. – Tim Tell your model not to move. – Tim What do you mean floating straps? Now I’m getting scared.  – Tim It looks like I gave her a uni-boob … like I gave her one big boob in the middle of her top.  – Alexander Here’s what I predict: in the future everyone’s boob will be as one. – Alexander Angla’s looks like a secretary who is fooling around with…someone… – Kini I thought it was some sort of stewardess form the future and I’m afraid to get on her plane. – Zac It’s like Obi One Kenobi’is manicurist. – Zac She has like ears on her hips. – Zac Houston we have a problem. – Nina It’s weird … in a good way. -Zac Alexander, Alexander, Alexander… It looks like an old rag. – Heidi I don’t want to wear it now and I don’t want to wear it twenty years from now.  – Heidi It’s  Flintstone’s – Anna She looks like she’s coming from the planet of the apes and she is an ape. – Nina That slit is beyond high… it is very bazaar – its crazy looking It would have been better if you ran out of time – Heidi Oh please… This one needs to be euthanized! – Tim Be sure to tweet along live with us at Be sure to check out our other favorite site dedicated to all things Project Runway…Blogging Project Runway! – Lauren Dimet Waters Photos: Lifetime

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