Project Runway Review: Season 13 Episode 2, Unconventional Movie Nite! Memorable Quotes From Last Night’s Show

pr-full cast On last night’s Project Runway episode (Season 13 Episode 2) the designers enjoyed some time at the movies: popcorn was thrown and tears were shed. The designers woke up to a tub of popcorn in their rooms and ideas about the impending challenge started flying right away such as: they were going to dress a movie star, had to create a 3D outfit, design a red carpet look, and design for a movie. However, they were not ready for what was coming. The designers were given the dreaded “unconventional challenge” and to make matters worse, it was also a team challenge. Many of the designers were scared and nervous except Carrie who was one of the only designers excited to get started. The designers were to create a look using items found in the theater like; film, scripts, concession stand items and other materials. They were only allowed to leave the theater with what they could carry. If the designers thought having an unconventional challenge so early in the competition was the only surprise coming their way, they were wrong. Nina Garcia, Zac Posen, Garance Doré, Heidi Klum, Project Runway season 13 The teams were as followed: Red Team: Hernan/Sandhya/Carrie Green Team: Samantha/Emily/Alexander Purple Team: Char/Kini/Mitchell Silver Team: Korina/Amanda/Kristine Blue Team: Angela/Sean/Fäde Drama in the workroom began with the Red Team and Blue Team. On the Red Team Sandhya felt she was being picked on and had a heart-to-heart/cry session with Tim Gunn. As for the Blue Team, the persistently nervous Angela was not listening to her other two teammates and was hard to work with (it later showed on the runway). Heidi Klum even picked Angela out of everyone on her team and explained if her design had been better their team would have won the challenge. Along with Nina Garcia (who was in a feisty mood), Zac Posen and Heidi Klum, this week’s guest judge was Garance Doré. Doré was more of a quiet judge and didn’t have a lot to say about the designs. In fact, she may have spoken two words and provided no insight or expertise whatsoever. The losing team was Red (no surprise). All 3 delivered the same dress and considering Sandhya had won the last challenge and had immunity,  it was between Hernan and Carrie as to who was going to leave. The winning team was Silver. Right from the start of the challenge the team had the same vibe and worked really well together. Plus having Amanda on the team gave them an upper-hand considering she has gone through this before. In the end Amanda won from the Silver Team and surprisingly it was who Carrie was sent packing from the Red Team.
Silver Team Designs, Project Runway Season 13,
Silver Team’s Design
Project Runway, Season 13 episode 2, Red Team Designs
Red Team’s Design
Project Runway 13 episode 2, Amanda Winner
“Amanda, You are the winner of this challenge.”
Project Runway Season 13, Carrie
“Carrie, You are out!”
  Memorable Quotes: BOOM! Im out…sparkly, beautiful, blue, iridescent so many different colors. – Mitchell Time is up, let’s head back to the work room. It looks like you’re taking the cinema with you. – Tim It looks like a cheerleader, cheerleader skirt. – Hernan I’m missing my scissors, my favorite scissors. Somebody took it. – Hernan How is everyone? (complete silence)(Tim Gunn laughs) A lot of meaningful eye glances and no words. – Tim There’s going to be a whole lot of nippey slippy. – Alexander Dude, they all look the same. – Heidi To me they look like three girls out of a music video. – Heidi Right, but this doesn’t look complex. I mean the shapes are like a mess. – Zac He came in, he saw what you guys did and said “where’s the cohesion?” and then what you did, you made three of the same dresses. – Heidi Stop! No more excuses. We’re looking at what we have in front of us, it’s fine. – Zac Sandhya you are very lucky…it’s awful, it looks sloppy, it looks ugly. It just looks bad. – Nina It looks like the editing room floor. – Zac I call this team dysfunction. – Tim (about Red Team) It is between Carrie and Hernan, we can always get rid of both of them. – Heidi We kind of wish they had. Be sure to tweet along live with us at Be sure to check out our other favorite site dedicated to all things Project Runway…Blogging Project Runway! – Rachel Bogo Photos: Lifetime            

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