Maison Martin Margiela Debuts New Jewelry Line

Maison Martin Margiela Heritage
After three years of waiting, designer Maison Martin Margiela has decided to venture back into the jewelry domain. The new line, “Héritage” is now being presented at the Chelsea Gallery, Cheim & Read, in New York. The label chose to showcase it there because they feel like the gallery matches up perfectly with the brand’s aesthetic.
The collection offers a deconstructed take on traditional family heirlooms. “Styles that have been passed from generation to generation are reinterpreted, given a fresh twist, brought to life,” a representative from the fashion house said. The collection includes a circle of an 18-karat gold ring that is cleaved down the middle. There is a necklace where the sapphire stone is removed from its diamond frame, and the two pieces hang as pendants on separate chains.
“Héritage” is available at select retailers and Maison Martin Margiela stores in New York, Los Angeles and Miami,
– Jaleesa Key
Source & Photos: Tmagazine Blog

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