Pile ‘Em On: Stacking, Layering, And Rocking Multiple Rings

Mutiple Rings, Hand Party
Forget the arm party! The newest look is the hand party. Stacking rings isn’t a new trend, nor is pairing several rings on each hand, but recently it has definitely become much more popular, and there are plenty of options for anyone who wants to take the “arm party” trend to the next level with rings.
Keep your own style in mind first and foremost. Rings are perhaps the most personal type of jewelry in general, so wearing pieces like engagement rings or anything else that has meaning to you can be important – or you can just pick out something fabulous. Or any combination of the above.
Proportion is key – you don’t necessarily need to keep the rings in the same color family or size. Your comfort is important as well – wearing two or more oversize rings next to each other can get awkward, especially if you are at work and need to type in any way, shape, or form. For instance, this chunky cocktail ring by Melinda Maria would be perfect paired with a stack of slim and thick bands like these Leith statement rings.
Choose an existing set like this Iosselliani set of bands with multiple colored metals. Styles like these work solo or make a fun addition to a collection/hand party!
Double or triple rings, knuckle rings, or other more complex options are a good choice as well, especially if you can get used to wearing them. After all, nothing is more awkward than feeling uncomfortable with your wardrobe choices! That said, this Jorge Morales double ring is unquestionably glamorous, or you could go with rings that are connected like these Coliàc Martina Grasselli rings.
Midi rings can also be an awesome way to layer your rings (once you get used to wearing rings on your knuckles because it can be a weird sensation!). That said, these RACHEL Rachel Roy rose, white, and yellow gold rings are the perfect way to try the look out. These rings are elegant but still a bit punk rock.
Barrel rings also work for creating the stacked look, with the added bonus of being connected to each other. This one by Wanderlust + Co comes in silver, gold, and rose gold and it makes an excellent partner to rings with gemstones or enamel in bolder colors.
Or you can just go all out with a shield ring that covers most of one finger, like this Eddie Borgo gunmetal number. Just stack on more rings on the other fingers too for a full-on statement.
Overall, piling on the rings might be the most conservative way to stack up the jewelry, given the fact that it isn’t as noticeable as necklaces or bracelets in most cases. It is definitely still edgy and glam, making it is an ideal way to experiment with layering on the jewelry.
1. Melinda Maria ‘Mosaic – Wally’ Stone Ring, $198
2. Leith Statement Rings (Set of 4) Gold, $24
3. Iosselliani Studded Navette Ring Set Gold/Blue, now $199.50
4. Jorge Morales Ring, now $141
5. Coliac Martina Grasselli Ring, Now $149
6. Rachel Rachel Roy Tri-Tone Pave Midi Ring Set, $28
7. Wanderlust + Co XL Barrel Silver Ring, $39
8. Eddie Borgo Pavé Hinged Plate Ring, $325
– Jacqueline Zenn
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