Project Runway Season 5. The Final Four… When Nature Calls. Memorable Quotes from Last Night's Episode.





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Ahh, the final four. Kenley‘s stuck in the ’50s, Korto‘s getting sassy, Jerell‘s getting sassier, and Leanne is very, very serious. But who will win in the eveningwear challenge? We were surprised tonight (especially after seeing all six Bryant Park collections)…were you?

But first, back to the beginning. Tim Gunn took the designers to the Botanical Gardens for inspiration and their final field trip. It was a simple challenge– make an evening gown inspired by nature and utilize Collier Strong and his L’Oreal team to give the models beautiful make-up to match. Kenley wouldn’t talk to the other designers, until she needed some tulle. Korto wanted to chase her dream that she put on hold for her husband and baby. Jerell, yet again, balanced himself between being too catty and just deliciously bitchy enough. Leanne did pleated detail… again. Everyone badmouthed Kenley, and she talked about how she fought her way through life and that’s why she’s so defensive. Kenley, everyone fights in life. Get over yourself. (We weren’t feeling Kenley again this week… can you tell? Her designs, like Heidi said, have definitely been interesting. But she has got to learn to manage taking criticism!)

The designs were not the best eveningwear we’ve seen in five seasons, but they were still interesting. Leanne’s pleated and ruffled lavender gown looked like a cross between the ruched dress that sent Malan Breton home and and couture dress that almost sent Mychael Knight home. Korto’s dress looked a little pageanty and failed to use the brightest hues of her inspiration flower. Kenley’s dress looked like a costume that Uma Thurman would have worn as Poison Ivy in Batman & Robin. Jerell’s gown was a grunge-gorgeous and would look perfect on an elegant lady rocker.

Georgina Chapman of Marchesa joined the judges, and we simultaneously thought, isn’t she gorgeous? And isn’t it awkward for her to be there when her husband Harvey Weinstein is in legal contention with this show? And as expected, after all the tears and all the throwing-under-the-bus (how did this phrase get so popular in Reality TV?), Jerell took the win! But the turn? There was no loser. All the designers will head to New York, although only three will show at Bryant Park. And we fear the loser there might in fact be our winner from tonight… but only time will tell!

(Update: We just forget the best part of this entire episode- Jerell’s fruit roommates. Fruitmates? Froomates? When he went all Tom Hanks in Cast Away and made himself a couple of Wilsons, we were so glad Jerell was the only man hanging in there.)

Jerell_winner_2 Kenley                                   Jerell’s winner on the left & Kenley’s design (which we thought was the loser) on the right.

On to your memorable quotes!

I’m not talking to Leanne. I think she did a little sabotage in the last challenge when she didn’t sell my outfit on the runway. She made it look like a fool’s outfit! – delusional Kenley

I’m not even going to smile! I ain’t even gonna smile today! – Leanne and Korto

Suede wants you to go and represent for the fellas, too! – Jerell and his fruitmate

Later, Joe! Later, Seude! Don’t rot on the counter! – Jerell to the fruitmates

But the twist is that our client is Hedda Lettuce and it’s gotta be made out of Gristedes! – Jerell

[The Botanical Garden] is therapeutic unless you’re Joan Crawford, and you’re a control freak, and you don’t want the bloom to fade… – Tim Gunn

We’re thinking, we’re praying!! – Korto singing

Did I have another Mood bag? Where’s my tulle? I wanna kill myself. – Kenley

I do have tulle that I’m not gonna use, but Kenley is just a one trick pony, and I refuse to assist her in any way. – Jerell

She threw her eyes on that tulle sitting on my table, and it’s not gonna happen like that! – Jerell

When you have an ugly attitude, it just makes you ugly, and then it makes everything you make ugly. I don’t feel sorry for her. – Korto

I just can’t wait to see how this all pans out! I’m gonna stay tuned! – Jerell

Are you gonna do my make-up, too? – Jerell to Korto

It’s like she’s Kenley the dragonslayer! What is this thing, this tube dress with scales? – Jerell

Purple-zilla costume! – Jerell

I’m seeing Hello Dolly… – Tim to Leanne

This is certainly the biggest moment of my life to date! – Jerell

Korto? I don’t like anything that she does. I don’t like what any of the designers do. I think Jerell throws a bunch of glamour and sh*t together and it looks like a craft project. Leanne, she does pleated details with a muted color palette. That’s been done. – Kenley doing her fair share of sh*t-talking

It looks scaly, it looks like a reptile but not in a cool way. – Nina to Kenley

This girl does not look young, hip, or cool at all. – Nina again… ouch

I wasn’t going for elegant, Heidi… – Kenley

It is kind of annoying, the attitude, I have to agree. Like right now, what you’re doing right now! – Heidi to Kenley

I think they’ll get to you in a second, so at that point you can start speaking. – Jerell to Kenley

I just wanna say, Kenley, pretty much everytime you have to defend yourself, you feel like you have to dog out what I do. – Korto

I just went through what you went through times ten, okay, so don’t! – Kenley

I feel like there’s not joy in them. They’re so sad, they’re so serious and sad. – Michael Kors on Leanne’s work

It was every cliche of an evening dress. – Kors on Korto

Imagine her response to if a buyer says, well I don’t like that sleeve. What does she do, take a knife out and kill them? – Kors on Kenley

I’m really happy that we’re getting a second chance but it’s a little annoying that the other designers hate me! – Kenley

Kenley, let bygones be bygones, alright? – Tim Gunn

I’ve been a wreck! – Tim Gunn

That’s it for this week, and our season’s almost over!

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– Hayley Wells


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