Project Runway Season 5. Say Hello to Kenley Spears and Shania Janx. Memorable Quotes from Last Night's Episode.





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The competition is finally on, and we’re down to just four now! Can you believe it… by the end of this episode, we knew who two of the decoys at Fashion Week were! The final three is close at hand, and the designers knew it and were fighting hard for it. No mercy!

And Kenley, who we thought couldn’t spiral any further into Wendy-Pepper-dom, seemed even more spoiled and ungrateful during this week’s design-for-your-fellow-designer musical genre challenge. Which, by the way, we loved. Kenley got saddled with hip-hop which sure, for her, was hard– but no harder than Korto making a punk outfit or Leanne going country. Kenley bitched and moaned her way through the whole challenge (even to Tim! Girl needs to learn to take criticism!), and had alienated everyone else enough that no one reached out to help her get hip-hop. Meanwhile, Jerell created an amazing pop outfit for Kenley that made her look banging! When guest judge LL Cool J is admiring your bod, you know your clothes are doing something right for you. Leanne turned Korto and her curves into a Dolly Parton-inspired, purple and gold country diva, and even though Korto looked insanely sour the whole time she was wearing it,  you could tell she was secretly getting into the mood. Suede rocked Korto’s winning punk look with energy–getting all up into that character. I could hardly look at Suede with all that blue eyeshadow on, but Michael Kors was right when he said the silhouette was flattering and well-made even when all the punk gimmicky stuff was removed. Jerell looked like, as Heidi said, just regular Jerell in his rock outfit made by Suede. It was a good call to be inspired by Lenny Kravitz, but if Suede had taken it a little further in the Jimi Hendrix direction, we think Kenley might have gotten the boot instead.

So we bid goodbye to Suede, which was sad, despite the third person chatter and the crazy punk get-up. Made all the harder because Kenley was so horrid in this episode, and her outfit totally sucked. She should have gone home, and Jerell should have won his 3rd consecutive challenge, if you ask me. I have always hoped and believed that PR producers don’t get any input into who goes home, but it sure does seem like Kenley is getting to stick around for drama’s sake.

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The winning and losing looks… seriously?

Here are your memorable quotes!

I think it would be really cool to have it be all girls, but I think Jerell’s really talented so he’s just going to have to wear a wig. – Leanne

Who would love to be me right now? I don’t think anyone would. – Korto

And if you have anything as we go along the way that you have a problem with I’d prefer that you tell me to my face before Tim gets here because I don’t want to have to snap on you in front of Tim. K? – Korto

Yo. Kenley’s – going – to – make – an – outfit – for – me. She – better – not – make – it – look – like – it’s- from – 1950! – Lil’ Leanimal J. Blige

What if I was to make you Kenley Spears? – Jerell

I’m going to go hip-hop on you. – Korto to Kenley

I’m Shania Janx. Totally jacked up. – Korto

We’re not going to tell her. We’re going to let her believe it’s hip-hop. – Korto about Kenley.

I just really don’t think there’s any hip-hop in Kenley’s bag of 50’s style dresses. – Jerell

So for Kenley’s final look I’m doing a fishnet mini dress with diamond cups. It’s gonna be super sexy and totally not 1954. – Jerell

In the name of Jesus, I am going to Bryant Park. I can’t think of nothing else. – Korto

Country fried Korto. – Jerell

Once I tried on the cowboy boots to go with my outfit Leanne’s making me, they just inspire this country in me. I start signing, dancing and line dancing and I’m feeling a little country! – Korto

We’re about to see a whole new side of Kenley. Kenley’s about to see a whole new side of Kenley. I’m about to bring out the sex goddess in that girl! – Jerrell

Oh, I love your boobs! – Suede to Kenley (who knew?)

Korto is being countrified. – Leanne

Correct me, I’m an old fart. – Tim Gunn to Kenley

Kenley, I’m not disrespecting you. I’m here to support you. It would help if you removed the fascetiousness and sarcasm. You just think I’m being snarky. – Tim Gunn (don’t pick on Tim!)

And what does Tim know about hip-hop anyway? – Kenley (apparently a lot more than you!)

So Kenley’s a hip hop designer. Yep. – Korto

Let’s face it. Korto’s got a lot of junk in the trunk. – Jerell

There was a little bit of bunching in the crotch, but nothing I think the judges will notice. – Kenley (how could they not?)

Do I look like Britney Spears? The good years? – Kenley

I’m thinking I should have been in the drag queen challenge? – Suede

Kenley Spears would be rocking this at Madison Square Garden and then probably kicking her panties off and falling asleep in the back of the limosine. You know? That’s the type of outfit I’ve created. – Jerell

You’d have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to know that’s pop. – Jerell

She looked like a big, fat poser. – Kenley about Leanne

Oh sh*t. I have hip-hop and he’s (LL Cool J) the king of hip-hop and I have Leanne. It’s embarrassing. – Kenley

I think he looks like Marilyn Manson. – Nina Garcia about Suede’s punk look.

You know what Jerell looks like today? Jerell. – Heidi Klum

Britney as a brunette! – Nina Garcia

This to me is what I get is hip-hop but in a classy, expensive sort of way. – Kenley

I think it was rock and roll for the grocery store. – Michael Kors about Suede’s design

It was a little too much like I don’t know…a woman going out to eat ribs. – Michael Kors about Leanne’s country design.

Madonna, I’m ready to dress you up in Suede. – Suede’s parting words.

…And did you SEE the scenes from next week? A sobfest for all involved! We’re thrilled to see the three ladies and Jerell cry it out during that challenge. Until then!

– Hayley Wells & Lauren Dimet Waters


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