Project Accessory Season 1, Episode 7: Bugging Out. Memorable Quotes from Last Night's Episode.

Project Accessory Season 1 Episode 7
We’ve made it through the next round of Project Accessory! We open with Brian talking to his wife. Are we already getting the winner edit? The designers make it to the set to hear Ms. Molly Sims say that two of them will be going home. Now, you didn’t think that four designers would be making it to the end, did you? Sims tells them that they will be making accessories for the red carpet. They have to go see Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti to get their red carpet dresses and the scoop on this challenge. Eva tells them that Elie Tahari has donated dresses and the designers get to pick the one they want. Brian picks the usual boring black first. Brian then gets to pick the next designer to choose a dress. In his talking head, his admits that he wanted to pick someone who isn’t really a threat to him… and in turn chooses Nina. Ouch. Designers pick their dresses and what’s this? Eva has to take them on another field trip. This time to Evolution, a store of insect specimens. So, the word of the challenge is that the designers must pick one of the bug to inspire them for three different accessories and one of the accessories must incorporate the insect itself. Designers start grabbing bugs and all I can feel is the creepy crawlies. Christina‘s over here talking smack about Diego picking a butterfly. So what? Back off, Christina! The designers make it back and they start sketching. Then it’s back to Mood to make those crazy dreams come true for the kiddies! We make it back to the workroom and a cut to Nina making some kind of odd draping. Rich is dissecting bugs and everyone is confused. Ugh. Not surprised. Nina is making a pretty gold cuff with spider legs. Actual spider legs. If you couldn’t tell, I am having such a hard time with this episode. If someone had picked a centipede, there would have been no recap – just girly noises of “ew!” and “YUCK!” Eva comes back in to give some “sage” advice. She loves Rich, but Brian looks to be in trouble. He’s got like, five things going on at time. Eva tells Diego to not make a handbag. Too bad, ’cause Diego said he’s making one anyways! Well, Diego’s punding metal while making his cuff tends to get on Rich’s nerves. You mean like your wah-wah-wahing what you were just guilty of two weeks ago, Rich? Deal with it. Brian glues the beetle to his necklace and now is the point that he notices that something isn’t right. Uh oh. It’s too late in the game to have a slip up like this. So, he decides to pour resin over the whole necklace. And that turns into a huge disaster. Next morning arrives and the smack talking continues. Brian is still trying to fix the disaster he made the day before, Christina is trying to saw her hand off, Nina is adding more legs to her cuff and Diego is making a butterfly headpiece. John Frieda is selling me something and I blank out. Sorry, Collier Strong random John Frieda guy. Christina puts too much pressure on the blade and completely breaks the saw. So now, she has to pull something out of her hat. Good luck with that, girl! Everyone is back to smack talking and getting ready for the runway. Christina just throws some random earrings together. They look thrown together at the last minute. Lovely.
Judges Kenneth Cole, Rachel Roy, Brian Atwood, Ariel Foxman and Molly Sims
Runway time! With Sims, Ariel Foxman is there hanging out, Brian Atwood showed up looking a-pretty pretty good there sitting in the judging chair and the prettiest designer in all the land, Rachel Roy, is back again! Hooray! Oh yeah, Kenneth Cole is back but no one really seems excited to see him. I do not blame them at all. It seems as if everyone was gushing over everything that Rich did and Nina looks to be on the top for her modern spider cuff. Everyone hated the look of Brian’s hurricane corpse bride look, Christina ends up what seems in the middle due to the the bug stuck to her hair clip and everyone wanted to ignore Diego’s “saucer and cup” headpiece. Rich is in! Christina is cut for her misstep… and she takes it pretty well. Better than I expected of her. Doesn’t matter because she still seems like a more self-aware Gretchen. Nina and Brian are in… and Diego is cut for not taking enough risks… Oh no! Next week is the finale! It’s all down to the final three and everyone’s coming back… No word on that is a good or bad thing yet.  Should be a race to the finish!
Rich, you are the winner of this challenge and are going to the finals!
Nina, you are going to the finals!
Brian, you are going to the finals!
Christina, you are out!
Diego, you are also out!
Memorable Quotes: “Christina goes for the crazy dress, and that’s crazy.” –Nina “It’s like walking off a plank of a pirate ship.” –Rich “That store is like the inside of my brain.” –Rich “I’m inspired by the dress. I’m thinking modern bohemian princess.” –Christina “Rich is very weird. It’s like, uh, he’s doing an autopsy on a bug.” –Diego “I like noises, especially when I know it’s annoying people.” –Diego “His model looks like she just came out of the cemetery.” –Diego “I feel like your model was in Hurricane Irene.” –Molly Until next week! Be sure to check out our other favorite site dedicated to all things Project Runway…Blogging Project Runway! – Taneisha Jordan Photos: Lifetime

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