Project Accessory Season 1, Episode 3: Bling It On. Memorable Quotes from Last Night's Episode

Project Accessory Season 1, Episode 3
It’s week three of Project Accessory and the designers are back to stir up some trouble! We open with the usual rehashing on the last contestant leaving. Of course, Nicolina has to share her insight on the situation. We are now left to think if Nicolina is really a witch (with a “B”) or if the editing is made to make her seem this way. At this point, it can go both ways, really. Molly Sims is back in some cheap Chanel knock-off weird Missoni for Target sheer printed err, some fabulous outfit to explain the next challenge. James’s model has to come out to explain the upcoming challenge and she shows up in a little camel toe inducing pink bodysuit. Will the designers be accessorizing for it? Of course they will! Did you think they would deviate from the Project Runway format? Heck no, kiddies!! Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti is back again and of is no help again whatsoever. The designers have to make everyday wear out of these neon bright bodysuits… in which they have to pick the colors that they want. And each designer has to choose who to go next. Since James won the last challenge, he gets first pick. And then picks Adrian because he knows what it feels like to suck be in the bottom. Wait, what? Didn’t you hear Nicolina last week??!! Nobody’s here to make friends, James! Anyways, the color choices are black, pink, purple, cream and powder blue. Bodysuits are picked are sketches are started. Whoa guys! Last week, I feel like barely any words were said. This week, the editing team had their work cut out for them. The designers are loosening up, and we got bright bodysuits with the inevitable camel toe… the gems are coming out tonight! The words “Barbie” and “camel toe” were said within 45 seconds of each other! Happy day!  David is such a puritan because he has no idea about camel toe. Bless him. They go to Mood and they’re running around in a frenzy, looking for pieces in less than 45 minutes. Why does this seem so familiar? <insert sarcasm here>.  Back at the workroom, they’re still working with leftover Swarovski crystals and other random pieces from the eBay Fashion wall. We finally get some adorable Diego Rocha face time! Thank you, editors… it’s about time!! Eva is back to check on progress… let’s see what pearls of wisdom she’s dishing out this week.  Helpful hints like “stunning” and “think bigger” are gracing her lips this week. Thanks for nothing, Eva. But she does drop the bombshell… DOUBLE ELIMINATION! Everyone’s fretting now because people are getting cut, people! Nicolina starts talking smack to Brian and he’s giving it right back. Me-ow! Of course, we are then privy to a small montage of the Nicolina we all love… Ms. Crazy/Shifty Eyes. Editing Team, you are on fire this week. The designers get home and were still getting smack talk. Everyone hates Nicolina and Nicolina hates David’s model’s boob situation? Can’t be too sure what she’s talking about because even laying down, she’s got the crazy eye situation down pat. They’re everywhere! Next day, and the designers are lamenting over the fact that they all have a lot to do. And then we get a weird long pregnant pause of Shea’s hairspray. Was it John Frieda and we missed it? And did I miss the memo and the day she said her full name is “Nicolina Royale”?! That is the best James Bond villain name I have ever heard and my future child will be named after her! In the workroom, Rich’s piece is collapsing and he’s running around like a madman, while cursing like a sailor. Nicolina STILL cannot get camel toe off the brain while she refers to herself in the third person. Total Bond villain. Quick product placement and obviously the John Frieda stylist knew he was going to be on television because he keeps singing all of his scripted lines.
Kenneth Cole, Kelly Osbourn, Ariel Foxman, and Molly Simms
Runway time! Sims, Ariel Foxman, Kenneth Cole join Kelly Osbourne for the judging! Oh jeez, we’re back with the loud music playing over the designers talking again. Models walk and then the judges talk. Christina gets all the high marks for her sash belt, Diego gets mixed remarks for his possibly life-ending jewelry, and everyone loves all of Rich’s edgy pieces. Shea  (her model’s legs are as long as Shea’s whole body) get chastised for her unfinished pieces, Nicolina gets in trouble for the long string on the belt, David gets in trouble for… pretty much everything he made. Even though I don’t get it, the judges pick Christina as the winner, saying they see all of her experience and crap. Whatever. David is out first… big no brainer there. It’s down to Nicolina and Shea. Are they going to kick out crazy eyes already?! What?! Nicolina is out and Molly gives some statement called “We think you’re talented. Okay, bye.” Alright, guys. We need some sort of better exit speech or nothing at all. We will miss you, Nicolina Royale. Another week down!
Christina, You are the winner!
Rich's Designs
Diego's Designs
Shea's Designs
David, You are out!
Nicolina, You are out!
Memorable Quotes: “God, you take so long! You’re the worst ladies ever!” – Nina “She looks naked like she has nothing on. What the hell is this gonna be?!” – David “Adrian was in the bottom two the last challenge and I know what that feels like. I want to give him the first choice.” – James “So I got the pink bodysuit and as I’m going to my work area, the only thing I can think of is ‘Barbie’.” – David “This whole challenge is really a challenge with this camel toe going down that runway.” – Nicolina “I am totally having a moment.” – Shea “David’s hot pink ‘Paris Hilton-Barbie’… what are you thinking?!!” – Nicolina “Remind me not to be stranded on a desert island with you.” – Christina “It looks kind of like a circus for me from the knees down.” – Kenneth “Because of those leg-warmers and the florescent pink with the rhinestones and the Native American felt, I had to do everything not to start giggling.” – Kelly Until next week! Be sure to check out our other favorite site dedicated to all things Project Runway…Blogging Project Runway! – Taneisha Jordan Photos: Lifetime

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