Project Accessory Season 1, Episode 1: Accessorize This?! Memorable Quotes From The Show

Project Accessory Designers Season 1, Episode 1
There are not many moments when a famous Chicago designer is able to compete and his hometown is ready to cheer him on. Luckily, last Thursday happened to be one of those times. Diego Rocha is one of the contestants in the newest Project Runway spinoff, Project Accessory. Many of his special clients, family, friends and fans were able to watch the premiere episode of Project Accessory with Diego himself. As with any new premiere, we were introduced to a cast of characters including the worry-wart (Nicolina), the one who will cry every episode (Nina), the one we’re not sure we will love or hate (Adrian Dana), and the one we know we’ll hate (Christina).
Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti, Project Accessory Mentor
So, what’s the challenge? Designers must grab items out of a storage facility in order to create three accessories to accessorize with a t-shirt and pair of jeans. Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti  is assigned to be the designer’s mentor (Tim-berly Gunn, if you will), except for the fact that she doesn’t do much mentoring. She just walks around the room, making abstract statements and touching the designer’s pieces.
Judges, Debra Messing, Kenneth Cole, Ariel Forman and host Molly Sims
The judges, Molly Sims, Kenneth Cole and editor of InStyle magazine Ariel Foxman are there to make the usual snarky comments, but Michael Kors they are not. Debra Messing comes in as the guest judge but once again, the viewer is left to ponder exactly how much jewelry design knowledge the actress knows besides if something looks pretty. Nina is the winner of the challenge using matchsticks and a rat-trap for her design. The show ends by kicking off Cotrice and her over-designed chandelier necklace and muslin-looking corset. It’s a little bit of a shaky start but we could see Project Accessory really getting underway.
Nina's Design - The winner of the first challenge
Brian's Design
Deigo's Design (They liked it!)
James' Design - His sophistication saved him.
Nicolina's Design - Not her best work
Cotrice's Design. "You are out!"
        Memorable Quotes: “Signed M. Oh my God, it’s Madonna!” – James “Storage unit? Oh, sh*t,  I wore a miniskirt and platform shoes.”– Shea “I’m trying to come up with an outfit out of garbage.”– Nicolina “My biggest competition would have to be Diego. Diego is making a clutch… he’s already done before he’s even begun.” – David “I really hope they’re weren’t any rats in that.” – Nina “It’s ridiculous that I sat around for seven hours. I don’t even know what I did.” – Nicolina “My work is in yo’ face.” – Cotrice “You did a great job transforming her, but you transformed her into a luau princess.” – Molly Sims Until next week! Be sure to check out our other favorite site dedicated to all things Project Runway…Blogging Project Runway! — Taneisha Jordan Photos: Lifetime

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