Pomellato 67: A New Silver Sensation!

A new line, Pomellato 67 celebrates the founding year of the jewelry house – 1967 – a period that revolutionized society, music, culture and fashion. This collection draws from all the signature styles and heritage distilled from the brand in its 45 years to inspire a jewelry line that is contemporary, unabashed and sexy. Pomellato diversifies from its metal of choice of rose gold for Pomellato 67 – silver enables a freedom of expression in weight and dramatic proportions. This collection is an attainable luxury, with prices ranging from $395 to $4640. Pomellato 67 isn’t a jewelry collection meant to go unnoticed, first and foremost for its wearer. Jewels that entice the senses, sight with its bold lines exalted by a play between lights and shadows, sound through the jingle of the chains and touch by caressing the soft and sensual shapes. Made in Milan, Italy, Pomellato 67 is handcrafted by Pomellato artisans. All the pieces have a story and a soul that makes them strong and exciting, with an unconventional feel of rock&roll chic. Pomellato67 takes a selection Pomellato’s classic gold pieces from over the past 45 years and reinterprets them into silver with larger dimensions and with significant weights. The collection is now available and will be launched mid-September 2012 with a worldwide exclusive in the US at 20 Saks Fifth Avenue Doors and Pomellato Boutiques across the US – Madison Avenue, Oak Street, Bal Harbour and Rodeo Drive. Chicago’s shipment has just arrived at Saks Fifth Avenue and on the floor tomorrow morning!

Here are a few my favorite pieces, but actually I love everything in this collection.

Pictured above: Pomellato 67 Silver Pendant, $395

Pomellato 67 Silver Tusk Bracelet, $1200


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Pomellato 67 Sterling Silver Cabochon Ring/Oval, $990


Pomellato 67 Silver and Marcasite Bracelet, $1885

Pomellato 67 Silver Necklace, $1885

  – Carol Calacci  

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