Beauty Review: Royal And Langnickel & Kevin James Bennett Revolution Brush Collection

There’s nothing more exciting than the launch of new beauty products! And when it involves makeup brushes, that makes it even better. I’m so excited about the launch of Royal & Langnickel’s Revolution Brush Collection that I can’t even contain it. These amazing brushes were designed by the Emmy Award-winning makeup artist Kevin James Bennett in collaboration with Royal & Langnickel to create a cutting-edge collection.


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I had the pleasure of speaking with Kevin this past spring at the Makeup Show about the launch of this new collection. With his excitement, descriptions he had me thinking that I would never have to buy another makeup brush in my lifetime after I tried these. Did he sell me ? I think he did.  Kevin is so passionate about the products he loves, and it’s only fitting that he create something that we, makeup artist and makeup junkies, can all love. So what makes these brushes so revolutionary? With great anticipation when I received my brushes, I couldn’t wait to try them out. Quicker than I could open the box, I had my products lined up for testing. I call these brushes the ‘Stealth’ of makeup brushes, due to their black, sleek appeal. Each brush head is made of  DuPont™ Natrafil® fibers, which mimic the performance and feel of the finest natural hair. When Kevin was explaining how these brushes were developed, I expected them to be as durable as a paint brush. With all the wear and tear brushes experience, with washing, applying product, intense daily use and repeated cleansing, they have to maintain their wear. With brushes I have used before, I have had the wood split, hairs shed and even broken and bent the handles. I  know I won’t have this problems with these brushes. These handles are made of acrylic and are impervious to water damage and fused to the non-corrosive, titanium plated and solid brass ferrule. Due to the assembly I don’t have to worry about the brush head loosening or detaching if soaked in water. I can’t tell you how important that is. Is this the answer I have been waiting for regarding great, sturdy brushes?  I should say so. I have been using them for almost 3 weeks now, and I have not had one single problem with them. They apply product with ease, they clean well and they are very very durable. I am so pleased that I got to try out these brushes, that I now want the whole collection. I thanked Kevin for such an awesome product, and with that ever so gorgeous grin he gives, I knew he appreciated it. Cheers to these awesome brushes! FTC Disclosure: Sample provided for review.  – Kelley Woods

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