Pick A Color Any Color: Design Your Own MAC Pro Pallets

MAC-Pro-Pallet-Display Simplify your life with your favorite makeup colors all in one place with a MAC Pro Pallet made just for you, by you! Choose your colors and get makeup tips from any of the Makeup Artists at MAC Michigan Avenue in Chicago. This is a complete blast! Walk away with all your favorites colors in one handy compact. Choose a pallet large or small, or both! You may like a small one to stash in your handbag and a large one for your daily makeup routine. The individual colors are interchangeable, so you can update your pallet from season to season or replace a color when it runs out. John-Naughton-MAC-michigan-ave I was thrilled to see MAC Regional Makeup Artist John Naughton in the studio the day I was there! John did  our makeup for the Second City Style 10 Year Anniversary and launch party for Fountain Of 30. Call MAC at 540 N Michigan Avenue and set up a personal makeup and/or skincare consultation at (312) 595-0952. MAC-pro-pallets-how-to Makeup Artist Taneisha helped me put my palette together. I told her what colors I prefer and generally use, but I told her I wanted to go a bit lighter for summer and also for anti-aging, to open up my eyes. She helped me find just the right combination that included all the shades I would need, and knew her MAC colors well (which is a feat since there are literally hundreds)! We tried the colors on my hand to see how they looked and worked on my skin tone. She pointed out that some colors I gravitated towards had too much metallic in them and may bring out too many wrinkles! So those colors were out for me. MAC-cosmetics-my-Pro-Pallet I love my resulting pallet and it has streamlined my morning beauty routine for the summer. Every shadow and cheek color I need is all in one place! We even threw in a highlight cheek color that works to illuminate my entire face. Clear off your counter ladies and get a MAC Pro Pallet customized just for you! MAC-Michigan-Ave Visit MAC Michigan Avenue  |  540 N Michigan Ave  |  312-595-0952 – Carol Calacci Photos: Second City Style Products received for review but the opinions are my own!

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