Pajama Trends For Spring 2021 That Will Make You Feel Fabulous

Since we are all spending a ton of time at home anyways…but really we are all tired of talking about that, let’s talk about amazing pajama trends for spring 2021 that will make you feel fabulous, even in your sleep. Or while lounging on your couch binging on your favorite show, we don’t judge and there is never a wrong time to put on a great pair of PJs. 

Pajama Trends For Spring 2021

Without further ado, here are some of our favorite sleepwear choices for spring and why we like them…

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Sometimes you need to carry around your phone (or whatever else) so pockets are essential in a good pair of pajamas. Wear these Ekouaer comfy pajama bottoms with a tee shirt or tank. They are super soft and come in a range of flattering shades and prints. 

Cooling Factor

We know that being cool while you sleep is important, and some of us can “sleep hot”. This is why we like pieces like this sleepshirt from Soma that are super soft, plus we are suckers for a dark floral print

Sex Appeal

If you are with a partner, sometimes it’s nice to sleep in something that has a little more of a certain something than more basic PJs. That’s why we like a cami and tap pants or shorts sets like this one from In Bloom by Jonquil Grace. Plus you can always wear the camisole under a sweater or blazer, so it’s a versatile choice.   

Lounging All The Time

Do you want something that’s as comfortable as pajamas but that you can also wear outside (if necessary)? Then this doleman top and matching pants from N Natori is about as close as you can get to real clothes while still wearing loungewear or pajamas. And the top would totally work with jeans – or maybe that’s just wishful thinking. 

Pure Glamour

Do you want to feel like a Hollywood starlet getting out of her canopied bed to pick up a call from her rotary phone from her agent or lover? This set from Everyday Ritual available at Nordstorm is perfect for that and it’s comfortable and flattering for lots of different figures as well.  

Cheap And Cheerful Pajamas

Sometimes you just want to change things up or treat yourself and this set from Amazon is an easy way to do that, and it comes in a lot of colors – but we’re a little partial to the feather print

What are your favorite pajamas or sleepwear of choice? Or do you mix it up with sleepwear as daywear, or forgo it all together in favor of a really great robe and set of sheets? Let us know in the comments or on our Growing Younger Facebook group! 

Shop Pajamas For Spring 2021

(Pictured above from left to right)

Ekouaer Women Lounge Pants Comfy Pajama Bottom with Pockets, $13.49

Soma Cool NightsShort Sleeve Sleepshirt, $42

In Bloom by Jonquil Grace Short Satin Pajamas, $48

N Natori Congo Dolman PJ, $68

Everyday Ritual Ilsa Emily Satin Pajamas, $130

WDIRARA Sleepwear Leaf Print Cami and Pants Pajama Set with Robe, $31.99


–Jacqueline Zenn

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