Outfit Inspo for Women Over 50: Bottega Veneta Pre-Fall 2024 Collection

Yesterday Vogue announced the news that Matthieu Blazy’s Bottega Veneta Pre-Fall 2024 Collection has dropped. He called it “More everyday, less statements” but the looks do indeed make a statement. Most of us cannot afford to run out and purchase pieces from the collection, but it is certainly fun to look and get a lot of outfit inspo for women over 50.

Outfit Inspo for Women Over 50

I was most impressed by how the clothes were styled, and did not pay much attention to the bags and shoes, which are always exquisite. Then immediately I began to think of how I could wear some of these looks with pieces I already own, or how I could style these looks with items I could purchase for (much) less. Besides, many of the styles are ideal for women over 50. And Matthieu Blazy shows us how to use layers and eclectic mixes that indeed can be worn every day. This collection is inspiring because it is not only is it wearable but it is trendsetting. I beleive we will see more of these layered looks in the next few seasons.

Bottega Veneta Pre-Fall 2024 Collection

Here are three of my favorite looks from the Bottega Veneta Pre-Fall 2024 Collection and how to get each of the looks for less.


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Oversized Suit Look

Bottega Veneta Pre-Fall 2024 Collection

When I saw this oversized suit cinched with a flat belt bag, I pictured myself wearing the look. Wear an oversized suit, all buttoned up, roll up one cuff, and wear a pair pf pointy toe multicolored tweed pumps.

Outfit Inspo for Women Over 50 suit and belt bag fountainof30

The suit you wear can any color, as long as it is slouchy and oversized like this one from Mango. Next find a flat belt bag as close to the same shade s possible to get the “self belt” look. I found this inexpensive one on Amazon. Slip on a pair of colorful tweedy pointy toe pumps like these from Ann Taylor for an element of surprise.

Shop The Look Here:

Denim and Layered Print Outfit Inspo

This layered look is somewhat wild with its bold animal print, but shows us how to layer a dress, skirt or tunic over pants using the right proportions. And who doesn’t love a denim jacket?

outfit inspo for women over 50 botegga Veneta fountainof30

I admit, it was tricky to find a matching set, or pair of straight leg pants and a skirt in the same fabric! But Farm Rio is the place to go for prints and this button-front tunic and matching pants are perfect. Wear a faded denim shacket like this one from Amazon over it, and cinch it with a black textured belt. You can loop a skinny belt to get the runway look, but I found this already-tied (and stretchy!) belt from Vince Camuto. To get a continuous flow of color to the floor like the Bottega Veneta outifit, wear a pair of square-toe print shoes in a similar color scheme like these leopard flats.

Shop The Look Here:

Layered Tuxedo Shirt Look

This unique ruffled tuxedo-shirt-as-tunic look is so chic and wearable for women over 50. These proportions will serve as a reference (for me) for getting the skirt-over-pants look just right.

This outfit is easier to achieve in all black or all white because it will be difficult to find all three matching pieces in one color. Start with an inexpensive men’s ruffed tuxedo shirt like this one from Amazon. For reference, I wear a size 6 and would get it in a men’s XL to get the oversized tunic look. The sleeves are long on the Bottega Veneta model, so a men’s shirt will totally work!

Next, you may already have a suit that has a classic pencil skirt just over the knee and straight leg trousers. But if not, look for matching suiting separates. This to-the-knee pencil skirt and straight-leg trousers in the same fabric from Ann Taylor will do the trick. Finish of the look with a pair of contrasting, neutral elongated toe pumps or boots.

Shop The Look Here:

Do you like the Bottega Veneta Pre-Fall 2024 Collection? Wold you like to wear any of these looks?

Carol Calacci

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Runway Photos: Vogue.com

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