Olivia Palermo Mixes It Up: Get her Celebrity Look for Less!

There is no missing fashion guru Olivia Palermo on the streets of Milan in this bold ensemble. Doing a pattern on pattern combo is daring and for most people it’s something they probably feel they cannot pull off. However, keeping the rest of your outfit basic with pieces you can find in your closet like a black sweater and black boots you can be just like Palermo and bring out an eye-popping affect in the best way possible. Here’s how to get this Olivia Palermo mixed prints look for less.

How to Mix Prints

It is important when trying this look, to really look for a common element that can bring the two pieces (please on stick to tow pieces) together. That could be a similar color within the patterns or even a print. When it comes to this Mango longline check coat and Club Monaco Nila skirt, their prints are different but the burgundy color running through both of them makes the prints work very well together. Another plus to this coat and skirt combo is the price! The coat is $140 and the skirt is now $99. Talk about a steal of a deal!

Bring the look together with A Basic

Pair this combo with a black crew-neck sweater by Banana Republic . It breaks up the two patterns and helps create a flow within the look. Plus everyone should have a simple crew neck black sweater in their closet. You may already have a black turtleneck but you can never have too many black sweaters. Especially if you like to wear a lot of color and/or patterns on your bottom half.


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The Accessories

Throw on your Steve Madden leather boots at the discounted price of $86.23, and this patent belt from White House Black Market to give more shape to your sweater, and you have an Olivia Palermo mixed print look that is jaw-dropping no matter what city you are in!

Shop the Olivia Palermo Mixed Prints Look for Less
Mango Longline Check Coat Olivia Palermo Mixed Prints Look for Less
Mango Longline Check Coat, $140
Club Monaco Nila Skirt Olivia Palermo Mixed Prints Look for Less
Club Monaco Nila Skirt, was $189.50, now $99
black Banana Republic Cotton-Blend Pointelle Crew
Banana Republic Cotton-Blend Pointelle Crew, Now $47
black White House Black Market Patent Skinny Stretch Belt
White House Black Market Patent Skinny Stretch Belt, $44
black Steve Madden Eton Boot
Steve Madden Eton Boot, Now $86.23

–Rachel Bogo

Photo: modamazingg

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