Older Women At The Forefront of High Fashion

The fashion industry has taken heat for the lack of representation  of women of color and women of size. But what about women of age? Certain designers have taken a new approach by including older models in their advertisements. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have received media attention for using older models in a lookbook for their line, The Row.
The most notable face from the lookbook, is former model and stylist Lisa Rodin. The 65 year-old stunner lends a distinguished, refined look to the high-end, celebrity collection. American Apparel, a brand know for advertisements featuring wispy, younger-than-young models, released an ad with a gray-haired model in 2012. M.A.C., Lanvin and other labels have used older models in their advertisements, which is hopefully an indication of a more inclusive future for the fashion world.
-Briana Utria
Source & Photo of Lisa Rodin for The Row: Chicago Tribune

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