Noxema Holds The Key To Sunburn Healing

We know we should all be wearing sunscreen everyday, but sometimes even the most sun-savvy girls forget. Then there’s the truly unfair punishment of putting on SPF 50 and still managing to get burnt. There are plenty of remedies to sooth a sunburn, but is there something that can make your sunburn go away?
The masses swear by aloe vera as their sunburn healer, but that just cools off the burn to give the burnt some peace of mind–it doesn’t heal anything. Since I was little, anytime my skin turned pink from too many hours in the pool my mom would make me shower and slather Noxema on my burns before I went to bed. Yes, that’s right, Noxema. The old-school, menthol smelling, face wash in a pot.
I would let the Noxema soak in and go to sleep reeking of the stuff, but when I woke up my sunburn had either disappeared or was 75% gone. I have no idea what the magic is behind it, but all I know is I still have it in my cabinet and it still works for me.
Will you try out Noxema this summer when you get burned?
-Kat Bremhorst

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