Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Must Haves For Under $100: Early Access!

I have loved the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale since way back. I mean a loooong time ago. If you are like me and start preparing your Fall wardrobe early then you know this is the sale to shop. Why? Because you are able to buy Fall items in the summer at sale prices. Who ever hears of any other sale before the season? The only catch is these prices are temporary and will go back up when the sale ends. So you need to be strategic and stealthy. Now is the time to shop Nordstrom Anniversary Sale must haves for under $100.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale runs from July 21 through August 6 but if you have a Nordstrom card you can shop this amazing sale right now! Why would you want early access? Well because at these prices a lot of the items won’t make it to the general sale which opens to the public July 21. So you need to be armed and ready with your Nordstrom card now. Here’s a little tip; if you don’t have a card yet you can sign up for one today and shop the sale immediately! Nordstrom is very cool that way.

I plan to head to Nordstrom later this week and take you on a shopping excursion with me (it will be on our Instagram Stories) but until then I have picked out some “must-haves” that are all under $100 and you should snap them up up now. Some of the prices are unreal for what you are getting. I will explain why I feel each item is a must!


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LAUREN’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale MUST HAVES FOR UNDER $100

Find your own treasures at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access here.



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