Girl Gab. Cry Me a River…The Nina Garcia, Anne Slowey, Robbie Myers Saga Continues

Nina Garcia vs. Anne Slowey

You know who is sitting pretty in this fashion tale of woe? Nina Garcia. Why? She is keeping her mouth closed unlike the other players in this drama. According to WWD, the warfare at Elle rages on as New York magazine weighed in Tuesday with a response to Myers’ objections against its profile this week of Slowey and Garcia, “America’s Next Top Fashion Editor.”

In case you don’t know what’s going on, Elle editor in chief Robbie Myers on Monday told WWD she was disappointed with the article, particularly because, she claimed, author Maureen Tkacik did not speak with her about the details of her working relationship with Garcia and other staffers that are included in the article. Myers also claimed that neither Tkacik nor any other New York staffer called her to fact check information about her in the piece. On Tuesday, a spokeswoman for New York responded: “Maureen’s story drew on many reliable sources — some on the record, and some on background. We stand by its accuracy.”

Take that! Life’s a bitch and so are most people in fashion!

Read NY Magazine’s "America’s Next Top Fashion Editor…How reality TV turned former Elle colleagues Nina Garcia and Anne Slowey into fierce rivals" here!

Image: NY Magazine
Source: WWD

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