Nina Garcia. In Case You're Still Interested…

Nina News in bullet form… because the drama is getting old.

– Reports circulated late last week that Garcia may be headed to Marie Claire once her contributing editorship gig expires at Elle.

– Marie Claire has been campaigning actively to be the magazine for season six of Project Runway, when the show switches to Lifetime from Bravo, so it naturally was assumed that having Garcia on board as fashion director would seal the deal.


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– However, spokespeople for The Weinstein Co., which produces the show, dissent. They say that contract negotiations between Project Runway and its primary judges are still continuing, and negotiations for sponsorships and magazine partners for season six have yet to begin.

– Because of the benefits to circulation Project Runway brings, In Style could be a likely candidate and is said to have shown interest in partnering with the show. In Style is also gearing up for an extensive redesign in August as its newsstand has shrunk, and a sales spike due to the show would be a welcome occurrence.

Where will the chips fall? Does anyone care? Will anyone watch Project Runway when it switches over to Lifetime, and maybe loses Nina Garcia, anyway? Our attention is waning…is yours? Nina should strike while the iron is still hot!

Source: WWD

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  1. I totally agree! Enough already! It doesn’t matter where the show airs, I’m afraid it has already jumped the shark! Too much product placement. Stick a fork in it, it’s cooked!


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