News From Across the Pond: Brits Score Designer Collabs with Aldo, ASOS is Thriving.

J.W. Anderson shoe for Aldo

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past month, you’ve surely been sucked into at least a few of the “Stuff____ people say” viral videos that have been spreading like wildfire. One of the best by far, though we may be a bit biased, is the one about fashion people. In it, a long-haired, bearded man talks about getting bangs, takes five minutes to order a coffee and makes fun of footwear company Aldo. But in real life, Aldo seems to be gaining in coolness points. After a rousing success of a collaboration with designer Julian Louie, the British-based company tapped a few more edgy up and comers to partner up and create a capsule collection for the brand. Elle reported that labels J.W. Anderson, Preen and Mark Fast all debuted their limited edition Aldo lines at London department store Selfridges this week and all of a sudden, we feel bad for laughing at that video. And a little bit jealous. The shoes reportedly retail for around $200 and the shoes created by Preen are the same ones they showed on their spring ’12 runway! Ok, now we’re really jealous.
Preen spring '12 runway

In other news, U.K.-based online retailer ASOS has been loosening it’s belt as international sales have been driving sales through the roof. Business Week reported this week that the U.K’s second largest online retailer has enjoyed its biggest rise in growth in 8 years, capping off at a 46 percent sales increase. Not too shabby. But we may have ourselves to thank for the growth, considering that in the U.S. and other markets outside the European Union, third-quarter sales more than doubled. Keep serving us those fun dresses and funky shoes and we’ll keep buying them! Another contributing factor was the retailer’s iphone application, which makes mobile shopping quick and easy. As a response to the growth, especially in international markets, ASOS will reportedly add marketing teams in Australia and the U.S. within the next three months. The company is also preparing to start websites in Asia next year. And that’s the news from across the pond!
-Alia Rajput
Article Source: Elle, Business Week
Photo Source: Elle

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