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Theme: If you build it they will come. She did and we will. Once again Lauren Poretzky has done everything right. Not only has she completely mastered the Deco (in both the Parisian and Berliner traditions) trends of the fall 2007 season, but you can trace the nuances, complexities and signature style all the way back to her fall 2006 collection and see it develop into this well-edited collection. Impeccable forecasting ability and the epitome of intuitive.

Color Palette and Texture: Black, white, navy and bright almost neon jewel tones that include purple, sapphire and just a spot of red. Black and white patterns and prints, shiny leather and a bit of fur from a sweet jacket that just graces the shoulder. Shimmer and shine aren’t just for silk but for leather too. Tiny beads and baubles accent some pieces, but she uses blocks of color to mimic or gently contrast with the shape of each piece.

Key Looks: She knows her geometry (love the use of the Deco-era triangle) and masters it in both patterns and form. Fur finds itself around many a neck and accessories include lots of patent leather and hats, yes hats! Top hats, wide-rimmed hats and even a silver cap– she’s bringing them back. Gloves protect dainty hands carrrying big totes or tiny clutches.


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