New York Fashion Week Fall ’13: Backstage at Jeremy Laing

From the first thought of the Fall 2013 ready-to-wear collection, Jeremy Laing knew that he wanted a focus on the architecture and clean lines. Based on one of his friend’s paintings, Laing wanted a look that conveyed “cool, young and fresh architectural.” With the draw of the muted colors and crisp shapes of the clothing, was well as being paired with geometrical pendant necklace, Laing wanted a look that ethereal but with a hint of color. MAC Key Artist Serge Hodonou created the look. “It seems to be natural, but it’s not that natural,” said Hodonou. “We are using a grey color on the eyes and the color on the lips, you can see is not that natural.”

Backstage at Jeremy Laing

Backstage at Jeremy Laing beauty sketch

Beauty Backstage at Jeremy Laing

The skin is perfected with Face + Body Foundation. Prep & Prime Finishing Powder is used to create flawless skin and very matte, according to Hodonou. “The skin has almost a fragile and porcelain look, just like the idea of from Japanese culture. We keep everything cool and beautiful, as if they’re cool and ageless.”


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Print Eyeshadow, a translucent grey color, was used on the eye and blended from crease to brow. “Everything started with Jeremy’s inspiration by one of his friends making a collage… those grey crosses. It’s very graphic. We decided to follow the grey and use it as eyeshadow. And the way we’re doing it is on top of the eyelid. But graphically as well, and it is dusted straight across the eyelid.”
Serge also explained using a dark color, but it is concentrated on the inside of the lips. We got inspired by the Japanese lips and that’s we’re using the color only in the center. It’s almost a blood color but it’s not as dramatic. Even though it is a dark color, it is still very soft.” A burgundy lip mix is made and applied just inside the lip. The face is then again completely dusted with a finishing powder to keep a pale, clean look.

Hair Backstage at Jeremy Laing

Backstage at Jeremy Laing oribe hair style
One take of the look.
Backstage at Jeremy Laing beauty sketch
Adding permanent volume to the hair.

Hair from Oribe had a very natural look as well. A thick braid was created horizontally at the base of the neck to create lasting volume without the use of products. A deep center part was made from the hairline to the top of the head. The hair was kept loose with a few pieces out along the sides. The hair was tied into a loose ponytail at the base of the neck and hair was blow-dried at the roots for volume. The end look is sleek yet natural, uncomplicated and sophisticated. It is still graphic with a bit of structure, and a hint of Japanese culture.

Backstage at Jeremy Laing hair style Oribe Fountainof30
Another take at the Jeremy Laing look.

– Taneisha Jordan

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Photos: Second City Style

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