New York Fashion Week Fall '12. Interview with Nonoo

You might not know the name Misha Nonoo but you will soon. Misha Nonoo of Nonoo just won the Rising Star Award for Women’s Ready-to-Wear from the Fashion Group International. This win comes on the heels of opening her first independent showroom in downtown Manhattan and expanding her business into global markets.

Nonoo is known for her quietly elegant yet sculpted pieces. While the collection is feminine, it can incorporate both masculine and feminine properties. “It doesn’t necessarily have to be all feminine,” Misha explained. “It could be a little bit more tomboy, masculine… but it always goes back to a more tailored, more elegant silhouette.” The collection does play on many different types of textures to make the silhouettes a bit more playful as well. “The collection is textured and all different types of fabrications. In essence, it was a joy to design because I put everything in there.”


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“Whilst growing up in London, I became acutely aware of the subtle differences that separate High Street brands from “Savile Row” tailoring,” Misha also said of her brand. “I became fascinated with the quiet details that only the curious eye could see.”

Misha’s mission is not to over-design a look but to bring luxurious fabrics and simple cuts for an available price point. And the looks can appeal to everyone. “And you can always mix things up. That’s why I always love seeing how people interpret my style. They can put their own twist on it and make it for them.”

Designer Misha Nonoo and I!

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– Taneisha Jordan

Photos: Second City Style

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