New York Fashion Week Fall '09. The Country is Jason Wu(ed)

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Summary: In the last month Jason Wu has become a household name, at least in fashion circles. Overnight the 26 year-old designer became a sensation when  Michelle Obama chose his one-shoulder organza-embroidered white chiffon gown for the evening's inaugural balls. So it was no surprise the show was packed beyond capacity. My dreams of a seat were dashed. When it comes to evening wear, Wu does not disappoint. In fact, I want to be the belle of the ball in one of his evening creations. Wu claimed he was inspired by fairy tales and illustrations by Arthur Rackham that he remembered from childhood. The fancier the dress, the more I saw myself as a fairy princess. Much of his collection was reminiscent of Oscar de la Renta, which is a very good thing. It was his more casual ensembles and odd strappy blue sandals that didn't work for me. Many of the looks seemed more spring than fall, but fashion's golden child can do no wrong. All-in-all, buyers and well-heeled fashionistas will be thrilled to be wooed by Wu.

Color Palette: ivory, mist blue, midnight blue, electric blue, cornflower, cardinal, blush, chartreuse, violet, silver, grey, jet

Textures & Details: cashmere, point d'esprit, pleating, tiers, faille, embroidery, lace, epaulets, feathers

Key Looks: gray cashmere mini check sheath with lacy black epaulets; pleated chartreuse and violet dress with jet beading at the hems; electric-blue tiered faille opera coat with embroidered sleeves; blush tiered flapper dress; princess gown with sweeping skirt in midnight blue and silver point d'esprit

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Photos: NY Mag

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