New Years Resolution: Just Say No To Sweatpants!

This should be one fairly easy resolution to keep! I know the New Year makes us all want to drop those few extra pounds we may have gained over the holidays or throughout the last year(s), but here is a rule for life – just say no to sweatpants! If you buy all your clothes in the size you are committed to being (your goal weight) for life just cut back when or if they start to feel snug. I learned this rule from my mother and have kept to it since I dropped the baby weight from having my last and final child. I worked really hard, OK I basically starved off those final baby pounds, to get to a weight actually under my pre-pregnancy weight! I managed to keep it off for a couple of years less that constant 5 lbs. I am gaining and losing. However, my closet is now primarily filled with size 6 and 8 (depending on how the sizing runs) clothes which is where I prefer to be. A 4 would be nice, but not practical for me to maintain. I tossed out all my larger sized clothes and all my sweatpants, even leggings, so I had no excuses or wiggle room. So then I had my spinal surgery last March and was basically bedridden and not allowed to work out less my PT sessions to get stronger. Being a slug and unable to work out not only made me flabby, but I gained 10 pounds. Frankly, I’m glad it was just 10! Since I gained almost 2 inches in height from the surgery, people are actually saying I look like I lost weight. No, I just got taller. Anyway, since I could hardly dress myself my husband had to run to Gap to buy me a few pairs of sweatpants since they were the easiest for me to wear during my recovery. No! I have since ditched the sweatpants! They went in the garbage. My fitted clothes are feeling a bit snug, but they sorta fit and now I am motivated to get the weight off and get back to working out so they fit better! The only stretchy clothes you will find in my closet now are sweaters and my athletic wear. I suggest you do the same! Sweatpants hide weight gain so get rid of them! No need to live in a fool’s paradise. Keeping the cut skinny, keeps it real. -Lauren Dimet Waters

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