New York Fashion Week Fall '10. Creatures of Mystery at Narciso Rodriguez.

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Summary: What does one do when finding themselves sitting in the fourth row of the Bryant Park tents, a stone's throw from Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington, and Simon Doonan, and knowing full well that they are about to witness a show so achingly chic that people have been known to be moved to tears? You don't do a single thing—you just drink it all in. This is what I gleaned from my experience at the Narciso Rodriguez show—the highlight of my entire week. So few people realize how powerful a statement clothes can make, when viewed up close and given the precise amount of movement. Narciso wields that power, and he does it superbly well. His pieces are made to be seen, enjoyed, and revered, but only by those who can really appreciate the remarkable work that has gone into each and every one. I'm not usually one for exclusivity when it comes to fashion but, not everyone in the world deserves to have Narciso Rodriguez.

For his fall' 10 collection, he amusingly claimed his inspiration was "Gremlins". And true to form, his collection embodied a sense of sleek, scintillating mystery that the mischievous little creatures made famous over two decades ago. But it was so much more than that as architectural silhouettes in wool silk and jersey dipped and sloped around the body. His dominating theme of color, an ombre-like shadow print, gave the illusion of colored mercury lapping at the folds of fabric. His pieces were sexy in a subtle, understated way as cutouts revealed slices of shoulder, neck and decolletage. The versatility of the liquidy sheaths allowed them to transcend the season, as one could see them at a chic party during any part of the calendar year. But the real contribution Rodriguez made for fall was in his outerwear. A wealth of sturdy coats, many of them reversible, made futuristic statements in andora, felt and bonded neoprene. The sporty fabrics suggested a trend that we would all soon see in fall fashions, as utility and luxe style combines. The collection as a whole was a testament to Rodriguez's ability to raise the bar once again.


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Color Palette: black, jade, grey, clay, brick, slate, coal, chalk, glycerine, green, mint, plaid, shadow print, herringbone, emerald, aq ua, carbon, stone, putty, red, pewter, bronze

Fabrics and Textures: wool twill, silk, wool silk, silk crepe, textured silk, wool, shearling, wool jersey, felted, wool angora, wool angora flannel, wool silk knit, leather, flannel, bonded neoprene, wool, jersey, twill, embroidered, double face, reversible, asymmetric  matte, sequined, washed, quilted, studded

Key Looks: Jade/black textured silk & grey wood sequin dress, black wool/silk mikado skirt, brick/black/grey silk shadow print zip dress, slate/coal/chalk wool/angora double face coat, chalk/grey wool/angora shadow plaid print reversible coat, carbon washed leather top, glycerine silk/wool bonded neoprene jacket, bronze textured silk & bronze stud dress

-Alia Rajput

Photos: NY Mag

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