New York Fashion Week Fall '10. Backstage Beauty at Milly


MAC Cosmetics invited us backstage before the Milly show to check out the color story when it came to the makeup. We also got a sneak peek at hair and nails and are all too happy to share them with you. Personally I don't really like going backstage before a show. I feel like I am in the way…so I like to get in and get out quickly.



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I had the opportunity to speak to head MAC makeup artist Romy Soleimani about the palette for the show. She told me since Michelle Smith's inspiration for the collection was the Jean-Luc Godard girl the eye was lined with a dark charcoal grey liner. The lids were awash in MAC's 'Wedge' which is a soft brown shadow and  the inner corners of the eyes were dusted with silver powder. Cheeks were a very light dusty rose color MAC's 'Personal Style.' Lips were a combo of MAC's 'Equality' and 'Empowered' depending on the model's natural lip color. The final look was light except for the eyes.


The finished look

Designer Michelle Smith having her makeup done by MAC's Romy Soleimani

Romy Soleimani

Next I spoke to head hairstylist Frank Rizzieri about hair for the show. He said the Milly girl is casual and fun. The side ponytail was French influenced and a little bit messy with no shine. He wanted a dry texture, not dirty looking. Hair was accessorized with headbands or barrettes.


On to nails. Roxanne from CND showed me a new way to file my nails into the current hot oval shape (but I have no idea how to explain it in writing). I was totally won over by the dark reddish black color 'Dark Ruby' worn by the models for the show. It complimented the dark eye and light lip of the face. Roxanne and I talked about matte nails (of which I am not a fan). She said matte looks best with nude colors, especially CNC's 'Dessert Suede' and 'Chocolate Milk.'

Loving the nails!

Roxanne showing off the polish!

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Photos: Second City Style

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