My Permission To Hustle Cruise Experience – The Retreat At Sea

I have guilt for not getting this post about my Permission To Hustle cruise experience up sooner. Mainly because I have been too busy to sit down and organize my thoughts and also because writing it means I have to accept it’s over. That said, now that I’m back on land, I now have a ton on my plate to do, and I mean a ton.

Permission To Hustle cruise experience Retreat at Sea

My Permission To Hustle Cruise Experience – A Retreat At Sea

I went on to this cruise (my first ever) retreat knowing only the two women who started the Facebook group called, you guessed it, Permission to Hustle. It was created by Audrey and Vera as a judgement-free, safe place to for bloggers and influencers to share, be honest, ask for help, support each other and feel empowered for trying to strengthen our voice and make our mark in our ever evolving and constantly changing industry. In other words, be successful. Then they took their show on the road. Well, the sea…and I had to be there. Even if I didn’t know anyone else on the cruise.


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Permission To Hustle cruise experience Vera, Lauren and Audrey on Carnival Cruise deck
Vera Sweeney, Lauren Dimet Waters and Audrey McClelland
A Little History

Since Vera and I live near each other we meet for lunch once in a while when our schedules allow (which isn’t often enough). Last Spring she was telling me she and Audrey were trying to plan a girlfriend’s cruise with Carnival for their 40th birthdays. Then she said to me, “Maybe I should pitch them instead about a Permission to Hustle retreat.” I said “Hell yeah! As long as I’m invited!” By the way, this is ALL the credit I give myself, because Vera and Audrey ran with it and hit it out of the park.

Permission To Hustle cruise experience I am positive towels at pool

On to the cruise…

Over 40 women from all over the country spent 5 days at sea. We each had our own reason for being there, our own why. We are all working hard on our businesses, just differently. Some of us take amazing photos, some love to write, others love to pitch and some do really well with affiliates. I don’t think any of us love SEO, but we love our families and were willing to take time away from them to learn how to make our business better. It tuned out this sisterhood of sorts was at sea to learn, laugh, bond, applaud each other, teach each other, eat, drink, swim with stingrays, dance and even do some bad, but oh so good, karaoke. And now that it’s over and I have had time to reflect I can say it was a game-changing, re-energizing, powerful and invaluable experience.

I made new friends (including my roomate Lisa Douglas who I now love and refer to adoringly as my workwife) and felt totally secure and free to be me. We didn’t judge each other and that was essential when it came to putting on a bathing suit! Nobody a gave a damn.

We learned so much amazing information (my head was swimming) by amazing speakers on topics like, how to work with PR people, how to pitch companies, how to manage our time better, which time saving apps to use, how to podcast, how to drill down in our niche and how to be better at Pinterest (I really needed that).

Peremission To Hustle Group Shot of Retreat at Sea
The entire Permission to Hustle group during our first full day at sea.
Here are my takeaways from the retreat:
    • I don’t know what I don’t know and as it turns out, I don’t know a lot. Or at least there is a lot more to learn.
    • I am successful in some areas of my business and a failure in others, but now I have the knowledge, tools and even the help to turn my failures into successes.
    • We are all in this together.
    • Encouragement is free.
    • Women CAN count on and support other women and it’s so much better when we do.
    • Women need other women.
    • It’s OK to be vulnerable.
    • A hug can make someone’s day.
    • Being open and honest and even sometimes raw is so freeing.
    • We are always learning and evolving. There is always something new to learn.
    • We all deserve to invest in ourselves and our businesses and should not be afraid of or excuse our hustle.
    • Girls just wanna have fun.
In Conclusion

In conclusion, my mind was literally blown and overloaded with ways to streamline and grow my business. I was burning out before I walked onto that ship, but I am now excited to take my business to the next level. ow I have a roadmap. I also have memories that will last a lifetime and I hope new friends that last just as long.

In my 60 pages of notes I have written “worry about yourself’ and “be the best you can be.” I have rebuilt my hustle and am happy to say I am recharged.  I am also sad as hell this retreat is over. My Permission To Hustle cruise experience may be over but I’m already counting the days until the next one.

Permission To Hustle cruise experience woman sunglasses kissing a stingray
I kissed a stingray and I liked it. Especially when I learned it meant 7 years good luck
Permission To Hustle cruise experience Lauren Dimet Waters with Stingray on Cayman Islands
I like the stingrays until they started swinging all around me.
Permission To Hustle cruise experience 2 woman on Carnival Cruise ship
With my roomate and new BFF Lisa Douglas
Permission To Hustle cruise experience group shot women over 40
A group of Hustlers ready to have fun after dinner.
Permission To Hustle cruise experience night time on a cruise ship
Carnival Paradise at night
Permission To Hustle cruise experience woman in denim dress walking pier
That’s all folks!



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