Mood Boosting Cosmetics for 2010


The makeup industry will be providing some fun and progressive choices for 2010"Mood Beauty", "Turbo Beauty 4G", "Pro-Tech'T" and "Nu Natural" are few beauty trends that Mintel, a consumer research firm, believes will dominant this year.

So let's start off with "Mood Beauty", which are beauty products injected with ingredients that will work with your body's neurotransmitters to put you in a positive mood. They're not just talking about aromatherapy here, it's more like utilizing temperatures, textures, or sounds to communicate with our senses.


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Next comes "Turbo Beauty 4G", cosmetics that will allow you to customize your own solutions in the comfort of our own home. The beauty products will be formulated with medical or pharmaceutical grade additives and next-generation nanotechnology. These over the counter beauty kits will be wonderful alternatives to cosmetic surgery and non-invasive procedures.

Then there's the "Pro-Tech'T" and "Nu Natural". "Pro-Tech'T" will offer upgraded protection against UV Rays, physiological and man-made factors. The products in this category will contain ingredients derived from far away locations like the Arctic, Alpine or Desert. With "Nu Natural", makeup will be composed of both sustainable and synthetic active ingredients and will be moving away from today's trend of providing cosmetics with just solely certified organic components.

So that wraps up all the beauty trends for 2010! This years innovations has left me drooling and allocating my funds for a big makeup haul. I just hope someone will be free to drag me away from the cosmetic counters. 

-Yen Le

Source: mintel

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