Modern Vintage Chicago's Glamourous Vintage Dealers Show with Indie Designers

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Modern Vintage Chicago's Vintage Dealers Show and Indie Designer Show was last weekend in the West Loop. The Second City Style team was at the kickoff bash Friday night and it is safe to say that we had a blast. 

There were rows and rows of vintage jewelry – from funky and chunky '80s pieces, to sleek and romantic '20s baubles. Statement necklaces were in abundance, whether you preferred large pendants or large pearls. There were amazing sights. 


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Beautifully tailored clothes were in abundance. Great '60s suits, vintage coats with plenty of fur, and dresses from every era imaginable filled the room. Even if you are not a vintage gal, the indie designers had fabulous cape sleeve tops and all the basics you could ever want. 

Probably the best part of the night was the vintage fashion show. From vintage Chanel on to new designer looks, these outfits were not to be missed!

RUNWAY SHOW  These ladies came down the runway with such confidence in their clothes that it was contagious. 

Who can argue with vintage Chanel? All I know is that I wanted everything that came down the runway and so much more. 

One of the highlights of the evening came when Second City Style was able to chat with Abegail Rutherford from Leslie Hindman Auctioneers about all things vintage. 

Abegail Rutherford 

 Abegail Rutherford from Leslie Hindman

SCS: What vintage trends are people buying?

AR: First of all, you have to define the vantage point. Collectors will buy things pieces that are from Yves Saint Laurent's time at Dior, but not his Jesus-like '80s designs. Likewise, they'll buy John Galliano in the '60s and '70s, but not the '80s. Those who are buying vintage to wear it will probably buy pieces from the '80s for a look that's a little bit different from what is designed today. Generally they'll buy pieces by Thierry Mugler, Alaia, or Versace

SCS: Do you have items for sale or is your business strictly auction based?

AR: We have three auctions a year that are consignment based. Our deadline for the November 18 auction was September 28 and we are packed. Now we're accepting offers for our auction in April. 

SCS: Are you strict about what you accept for your auctions?

AR: Yes because it is best for our market. For instance, we buy Pierre Cardin for Pierre Cardin, not any of his licenses.

SCS: Has the economy had an impact on your business?

AR: Not really, though consignment has revved up. 

SCS: Who are your customers?

AR: Most of the vintages goes to the coasts, France and London. Chicago is a little bit slower with vintage. International museums buy for their collections. Retail venues, and private collectors also purchase from us. 

SCS: Are there women that you approach for consignment?

AR: No. We don't want to force anyone and there is really no need. 

Alia, Nina and Carol from Second City Style

Alia, Nina and Carol from Second City Style

The night was a success. From great clothes to fun conversations, it was truly the event to attend. 

Be sure to catch the next Modern Vintage Chicago event on April 17-18. You definitely do not want to miss it! We hope to see you there!

-Nina Krek

Photo Source: Darkroom Demons 

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