Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring '12. IMPROVD Soars High

Summary: Valentino Vettori‘s IMPROVD made its Spring ’12 debut with a memorable presentation. Fashionistas-galore gathered group by group for Vettori’s latest collection. Segmented into three acts, IMPROVD was full of vibrant hues: blue, green and red, respectively. Vettori drew inspiration from wildlife, more specifically the movement and colors of birds. Models’ locks were dip-dyed in the varying colors, resembling the flying creatures. Act I, shades of blue, opened as 10 models took to their podiums, lingered for a few minutes and then returned backstage. Act II, green, began the same way and then Act III shortly followed with red-adorned pieces.
Vettori has explained his design aesthetic as “beautiful, yet affordable.” Unlike some (if not most), designers can be outrageously priced. IMPROVD is well-suited for the fashionable, yet is less expensive. In order to sustain this motto, Vettori incorporated basic fabrics into his Spring ’12 line, including cotton and leather – none of the latest and greatest trendy fabrics. Beautiful, flowy tops and dresses were offset by structured leather jackets and bottoms in amazing texture. A key look that stood out to me was the emerald green textured mini dress. Impressive tailoring, black leather piping and draping were both undeniably wonderful and wearable, much like the rest of IMPROVD’s Spring ’12 batch.
Colors: navy, emerald green, crimson, ebony, ivory, slate gray, ocean blue, vibrant red
Fabrics & Textures: leather, draping, cotton, sheer, bunching, textured leather
Key Looks: short-sleeved textured leather jacket with gray printed slouchy pants, ocean blue printed maxi skirt with sleeveless top and leather trim,  emerald green textured leather dress
—Allison Merzel
Photos: WWD

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