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Each year at this time, fashion folk fret about what they have or haven’t done in the past year and intend to do in the next. I think it’s highly important to “affirm” all the good things we’ve done over the year to take some of the sting out of what we may not have yet accomplished for ourselves. I’ve decided to share with you some of my very own New Year’s thoughts to give you a little insight into the psyche of a “typical” fashion editor – if there is such a thing…
I AFFIRM that I will continue to run/walk/climb at least 7 miles a day – 5 days a week. Just to stay slightly below sample size.

I AFFIRM that I will continue to take yoga and Pilates classes until I can double cross my legs when I’m invited to sit front row at fashion shows. Carine Roitfeld aka Pretzel legs is my role model in this.
I RESOLVE to increase my weight training to an average of 5 days a week from 3 and to mix in some MMA training – so I’ll be in fighting shape for sample sale season. You have to know how to throw an elbow without hurting yourself – and be able to block the occasional sucker punch with a roundhouse kick!

I AFFIRM that I will continue to wear performance footwear only when I’m actually performing a sport of some sort. I also affirm that I will continue to not judge otherwise smartly dressed business women who are wearing sneakers – as long as I can see a really good pair of this season’s must have shoes peeking out of a stylish tote bag!
I RESOLVE – and this one really scares me – to “experiment” with wearing jeans with footwear other than boots. I always see those John Varvatos type guys looking perfectly stylish wearing jeans with all sorts of flat shoes. I can too! I just need to believe in myself – and the shoes.
I AFFIRM that I will continue to dress for air travel. No jeans – not even $600 ones. No track suits or sweatpants – good thing I don’t own any!
I AFFIRM that I will continue to compliment my fellow air travelers who dress well. There seems to only ever be one no matter how large the aircraft. She’s usually in coach – with me! More and more, business class resembles a root cellar overflowing with lumpy potato sacks.
I AFFIRM that I will continue my newly restored – see last year’s resolutions – habit of wearing a belt when I fly. I had given it up for nearly a decade but have decided that the few seconds it takes to take off and put back on are totally worth being slightly  more stylish than my fellow travelers.

I RESOLVE that I will no longer let TSA rule my footwear choices.  For ten years now I have planned my outfits for air travel around stylish shoes that slip on and off easily.  All the checkpoints seem to have proper benches now and I think it is sort of  chic to sit down and lace up your shoes – or pull on your over the knee Prada python boots.  Maybe I can make the shoe horn the  new must-have travel accessory!
I AFFIRM that I will continue to wear earth tones.  One meets such interesting people when you’re not in the all black uniform  f the New York fashionista. Plus, after years of actively trying I am finally able to effortlessly mix various shades of brown in one outfit without having a total fashion meltdown.
I AFFIRM that I will continue to work in concert with my fellow fashion conspirators to make orange “happen”- see New Year’s resolutions 2009, 2010, and 2011. Is it really so difficult for the world at large to accept a secondary color as a neutral?

I RESOLVE to explore taking up the cause of other neglected colors. Elizabeth Taylor championed bright yellow for decades, even to wear to get married for the umpteenth time or to accept an Oscar for lifetime achievement. Maybe I’ll promote yellow in  spring/summer and loden green in the fall/winter…
I’ll continue to draft my fashion affirmations and resolutions for 2011. I hope that this gives you a little inspiration to expand your fashion boundaries in the New Year. Here’s to a stylish 2012 for all of us!
—Joseph Ungoco
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