Luxury Garage Sale: Designer Consignment Shop Grand Opening On Wells Street

Customers checking out vintage jewelery. Photo courtesy of Luxury Garage Sales.
Imagine going to a woman’s home and rummaging through her closet, picking out the best designer pieces for your own taking. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Although Chicagoans might not be able to have this scene come to life, Luxury Garage Sale created a store that takes us one step closer. If the title sounds familiar, it’s because the Luxury Garage Sale has been a pop-up event for awhile now and just created a store in order to service Chicago better. On Wednesday, the high-end consignment store opened its doors to allow customers to preview and bask in vintage designer glory. While many sipped on champagne and tasted cake pops, attendees enjoyed a night to mingle with one another and check out the current inventory of designer clothes, shoes, accessories, and of course, handbags. The place was filled with excitement as people viewed the vintage YSL dresses and hard to find Birkin bags, taking in the adorable store front boutique and the many pieces it has to offer. Those who appeared within the store looked as amazing as the clothes for sale. Fur vests, big statement jewelry and chunky heels were just a few of the many trendy pieces once worn by Chicago’s elite.
The beautiful wall of bags featured at Luxury Garage Sale
Everything from old to new can be sold here and it is extremely easy for anyone to do. Luxury Garage Sale authenticates, researches, prices, and photographs your item for sale and finds the best venue to sell it for you. Items can be found on eBay, within the storefront, or at their pop-up events. One of the best parts is the easy of selling your designer piece – not only can you drop off your items in the store, but they can even have someone come to your home and help you clean out your closet.
The crowd mingling and shopping during cocktail hour. Photo courtesy of Luxury Garage Sales.
The company works with you to price a piece to make sure you get the right amount in return, taking 35% commission. Items that are unsold can be returned back or donated the charity so until the end, they can take care of everything. For those who feel like checking it out, you can visit the store at 1658 N. Wells in Chicago or go to their website here. To receive more information call 312-291-9126 or email them at [email protected].
A pair of vintage shoes, one of many displayed at Luxury Garage Sale
For those who think this store perfect for you, here’s to seal the deal: they also have a menswear section. Now it really can be fun for the whole family. Or at least, for those in the family who have designer label addiction. – Lindsay Grundy Photos: Luxury Garage Sale and Second City Style

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