New York Fashion Week Spring '09. Luca Luca: Waist Not, Want Not

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Summary: The Luca Luca show during Fashion Week is one of worst-kept secrets in New York: Everyone loves it, and everyone wants to go. And quite frankly, it’s with good reason. This spring’s show proved that Luca Orlandi is clearly the Albert Einstein of design, and continually updates his aesthetic without losing his signature classic lines. What impressed me most about Orlandi’s show is that someone finally noticed, after months of hiding behind tent dresses and trapeze tops, that women have waists, and they would like to show them off from time to time. I loved the layering of white-on-white, particularly with the White Silk Organza Blouse with White Silk Skinny Pants. Orlandi proved his wide-range spectrum of versatility, from his casual White Cotton Viscose Cutaway Dress with Mesh Underlay, to the cocktail-attire Gray Cocktail Dress with Cutout Detail, to the black-tie affair Champagne One-shoulder Floor Length Dress. For me, the show inspired both an updated appreciation of neutrals and the purchase of a belt- to hold me over until these body-conscious styles hit stores for spring. 

Colors: White, Gray, Silver, Burnt Orange, Champagne, Beige, Khaki, Purple, Blue, Tan.


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Textures and Fabrics: Silk, Cotton, Organza, Viscose, Mesh, Sack, Draped Overlay, Corset.

Key Looks: Purple Silk Double Layer Dress, Champagne, One-Shoulder Floor Length Dress, White Viscose Cutaway Dress with Mesh Underlay, White Cotton Viscose Asymmetrical Dress.

– Jaclyn London

Photos: NYMag

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