New York Fashion Week Spring '09. Jill Stuart: The New Neutral

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Summary: Jill Stuart‘s Spring/Summer ’09 show at the New York Public Library was a classic combo of stylishly chic and comfy cozy. The way in which Stuart combines and layers fabrics makes every piece more interesting than the next-especially in it’s setting at a timeless Manhattan landmark. I can confidently say that there were no "misses" of the afternoon show, despite the ubiquitous presence of the dreaded legging (an impressive step for someone who thinks that grey leggings are not even meant for 100-pound Bikram yoga instructors). The most amazing pieces displayed Stuart’s smart tailoring and keenness of cut, like the awe-inspiring metallic shift with a sweetheart neckline or free-flowing white ruffle dress. The collection at large, however, inspired a much more laid-back, romantic approach to spring that I can’t wait to slip into come May-minus the leggings, of course.

– Jaclyn London

Photos: NYMag

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