How To Pull Off The Logo Slide Sandal Trend

One of the biggest sandal footwear trends for Summer ’17 is (ready for this?) the logo slide sandal, especially if it has a designer logo emblazoned across the top. I didn’t like these androgynous sandals at first. I too thought they were ugly as sin. Yet now I find myself wanting a pair since they seem to be everywhere and are growing on me (just like the one-shoulder bathing suit trend). Crazy I know, but I actually found myself admiring a pair of YSL’s on a woman at the airport this past weekend.

Now I NEED my own pair. I call this style of sandals “pool slides’ because they resemble what I used to wear to the lake and showers when I was a teenager and was away at summer camp. They were a step up from flip flops. Mind you they were usually Adidas (worn by both boys and girls) and I would never be caught dead in them in public.

Well that was then. Fast forward a few decades and a leather or enameled designer emblem is all you need to upgrade and have a comfy yet modern, minimalist slide sandal. It’s a trend that no longer screams tourist, athlete or young boy. Luxury designers like YSL, Givenchy, Gucci, Prada and Ferragamo can be thanked for jumping on the geek bandwagon. Hey, at least they are a step up from Birkinstocks (which I hate).


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If you don’t want to pay designer prices, you can still find pool slides by Steve Madden, Nike, Vans, Adidas and even ASOS for less then $100. Pull the trigger fast though, I promise you this trend is huge and these slides are selling out!

How do you wear slide sandals when you are over 35? Well I would not recommend wearing them with a dress. However, if you are sporting a causal jeans or athletic look go for it. Trust me, you will not look ridiculous unless you opt for a pair of furry ones (they look cute on little girls though).

Check out the wide range of slide sandals I found below that include designer to down right cheap!

Shop the logo slide sandal trend



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