Legally Yours. Madonna Sued Over "Material Girl" Moniker


Sketches of looks from the Material Girl line

So it seems its not all good news for Madonna's new junior wear line for Macy's, Material Girl. The line seemed an instant success when it debuted a few weeks ago to frantic fanfare and impressive sales. But now, trouble seems to be brewing for the music icon and her little clothing line that could. L.A. Triumph Inc., the California-based apparel manufacturer is suing Madonna in federal court for trademark infringement over the name of her Material Girl junior line. Attorney Peter Afrasiabi, who is representing the company in this case, says his client has trademark rights stemming from first use of the name.

Apparently, L.A. Triumph has sold its own Material Girl line to retailers such as Nordstrom and Ross Stores since 1997. “If she’s going to be in junior apparel, my client certainly has a strong problem,” with the name use, Afrasiabi said. The firm has cited “deception” in the marketplace. WWD reported that the fact that Madonna’s own song “Material Girl” was a chart topper in 1984 “is not germane,” Afrasiabi said, claiming it to be irrelevant to the case. So will Madonna have to change the name of her headline-making label? Seems we'll just have to wait and find out, but it doesn't seem right for anyone else to flaunt the Material Girl name except Madge!


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Article Source: WWD

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-Alia Rajput

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