Kenneth Cole On the Cover of SUCCESS Magazine

7_July_cover_Kenneth_Cole The July issue of SUCCESS magazine, available now on newsstands, features designer Kenneth Cole disclosing how he made his way to the top in the competitive world of fashion.
It is great to learn more about Kenneth Cole since Second City Style met him last fall in Chicago when he launched his Silver Edition 925 Collection and now, in his typical charitable fashion, he's helping to Clean up the Gulf. I could here his voice when I read this article, so I know that author Amy Anderson totally captured his personality. It is also wonderful to see a fashion designer on the cover of SUCCESS magazine!

Cole knows the secret to success is remaining adaptable and staying relevant, “The one great thing about the fashion business is it’s built on the notion of change. Every day you have got to be open to reconfigure and recalculate.”

When first starting out, Cole knew he had to think outside the shoebox to get consumers’ attention, and encourages other hopefuls to do so, too.  “The lessons learned are that usually the best solutions are not the most expensive; in fact, they’re the most creative….”

Read the cover story on SUCCESS Magazine.

— Carol Calacci

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