Founder MaryAnn Bekkedahl's Visit To Chicago

MaryAnn Bekkedahl at Nomi Garden Terrace founder MaryAnn Bekkedah was in Chicago last week and I had an opportunity to chat with her at an event aptly named “Keep Your Summer Stylish” at Nomi Garden Terrace at the Park Hyatt. I had previously signed up for and I thought the look of the site was very clean. I was a bit uncertain of how to start, but MaryAnn explained everything. It is really quite straightforward, and that was by design. “Macs are simple, and Instagram has no explanation. We know that people can figure it out!” she told me. “It’s like Pinterest but with products you can share.” And I was assured that I could easily change my ‘likes’ and ‘keeps’ in my own account. If something sells out, they even leave a little message for you!
There were computers available at the event so we could enter a giveaway and go in and “keep” pieces we loved from collections set up by Chicago tastemakers like, D. Graham Kostic, Corri McFadden and Dana Weiss. This made it entertaining to navigate the site and see other collections and categories and start you own collection. The event was a blast and now we are all “Keepers”! But don’t feel like you missed out … you can go to, start your own collection and enter their ongoing giveaways called “Keep It. Win It.”
MaryAnn shows us how to use

A collection by Dana Weiss

Entering the giveaways at Nomi

Keep.com_at_Nomi was everywhere!

Sipping drinks and eating light breakfast bites at Nomi Garden Terrace
I’m with Keep.Com founder Mary MaryAnn Bekkedahl!

–Carol Calacci
Photos: Second City Style

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