Just Launched! Lancôme Ôscillation Vibrating Power Mascara


Lancôme has just launched one of the most anticipated mascaras ever, Lancôme’s Ôscillation Mascara ($34)! According to to a press release from Lancôme, the Ôscillation mascara features a brush that provides 7,000 vibrations per minute. This is to aid in the application of mascara and provide 360-degree coverage for your lashes. For all of you mascara lovers this is definitely one to run to the counters for. The results are nothing short of phenomenal.

When using the mascara there are a few tips and techniques for getting those batting lashes. First apply in slow, straight and steady strokes. Don’t zig-zag and don’t wiggle! You should not over pump the wand, as air gets into it and dries it out. There’s plenty of product on the wand for multiple coats. It may take a few tries to get the hang of it, but hey isn’t beauty work?! Try this on your lower lashes too! You are sure to have the most fabulous lashes you could possible have. 

  • Now there’s free shipping online when you spend $40 or more! And receive a special bonus package. Ôscillation is available at all Lancôme counters and boutiques and lancome-usa.com   

— Kelley D. Woods, Beauty Writer

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