Mad Men, Amazing Fashion: The Style of AMC's Mad Men

AMC’s Emmy winning series Mad Men is probably one of the hottest shows on TV right now (and who isn’t looking forward to the season 2 finale on Sunday?) and one of the elements that makes it so amazing is the picture perfect sixties fashion. From Joan’s curve-hugging dresses to Don’s impeccably tailored suits to Betty’s glamorous Grace Kelly look, the style on this show raises the vintage bar.

There are far too many amazing fashion moments on Mad Men to pick just one.  AMC’s Mad Men blog does cover quite a few of them, fortunately, and even the NYTimes has gotten in on the fun.



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If pressed, I’d probably pick Joan’s wardrobe as the one I’d most like to own – she is always sexy but in an elegant way; she is never vulgar.  If she was an actual person and existed today, she’d probably wear Roland Mouret, Narciso Rodriguez, Donna Karan, Diane Von Furstenberg, and other designers who cut to show off a woman’s curves.


Betty has a kind of untouchable, icy beauty that makes for stunning visuals; she is almost always perfectly put together and it is rare that her perfect facade is broken – but when it is, watch out.  Her clothing – crinoline skirts, tailored riding gear, and pearls has a debuntante/princessy feel to it; she’d probably love Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Hermes, Nanette Lepore, and Brooks Brothers if she was a real person and around today.


Peggy is the secretary who ends up being promoted to copywriter and getting her own office; she is slightly timid but has definitely gotten more assertive as the series progressed. She’s a little frumpy and conservative, but she is growing into her style and looking more put together with every episode. Today, she’d wear Marc Jacobs, Loeffler Randal, Hayden Harnett, and plenty of indie designers as she worked on finding her unique look.


Last but not least, there is Don Draper. He is fond of crisp tailoring and classic suits; it is so rare he appears in anything else that he somehow seems out of place without them (almost as out of place as he’d be without his Lucky Strikes and rye whiskey). If he was around today, he’d likely dress exactly the same – that masculine look never goes out of style.

If you don’t watch Mad Men, I highly suggest checking it out, if only for the wardrobe inspiration (especially if you are into vintage fashion).  Who knows, you may end up getting hooked and scouring consignment shops and Ebay for your own Mad Men inspired ensembles.

— Jacqueline Zenn


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