Jennifer Walsh Finds The Fountain of Youth!

Our friend and beauty industry maven, Jennifer Walsh has been appointed global creative director for a new skin care company called Resvology, based out of Park City, Utah. reports WWD. Expected to launch in early 2013, the line contains a stabilized form of reveratryl acetate, a molecule called 4-AR, discovered accidentally through cancer research at Brigham Young University. 4-AR is said to make skin act younger. “This clinically-proven molecule, first isolated by researchers seeking cures for cancer and other age related diseases, works with your genes to keep skin cells acting younger and from getting older,” said Resvology chief executive officer, Kevin Passey, adding that, “4-AR interrupts the signs of aging to help genes build youth on a cellular level and Resvology is the only skin care in the world to have it.”
According to Walsh, who founded The Beauty Bar in 1998, “a perfect component of the brand is that it is incredible science from the mountains,” she said. The first round of products will include the Age Corrective Wrinkle Treatment, $129, Age Corrective Eye Cream, $89, and Gentle Cleansing Gel, $29, all of which will debut at the 2013 Sundance Festival in mid-January. “
Congrats Jennifer! We can’t wait to try them. Ahem. Sign us up!
– Lauren Dimet Waters
Source & Photo: WWD

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