Is It Ever OK To Go Braless?

Miley Cyrus in Chanel on her way to GMA
Miley Cyrus in Chanel on her way to GMA
If you read our Current Fashion Trends To Avoid If You’re Over 35, I think you know my answer is going to be. However, I just read a Glamour article by Danica Lo entitled “Is Going Braless a Do or a Don’t?” and it made me wonder if this was going to be a trend. I pray not. Just because it’s a million degrees outside is no excuse to go braless. So Miley Cyrus paraded around Manhattan in a Chanel dress sans bra yesterday. Who cares? Then Ms. Lo when it was OK to leave the house without a bra. So here is my answer;
  1. When your house is on fire.
  2. When you have to walk the dog at 3am and are covered in layers because it’s the dead of winter and you have no fear of running into a single sole.
  3. When you are 12 and just developing.
  4. You JUST had a boob job and your girls are super high and mighty, and even then they are strapped in under a spaghetti strap dress with a super tight bodice.
  5. In your casket….I’m going out on a limb here. Not sure even this is OK, but what do I know?
I will leave the house without lipstick, but never without a bra. Never. How about you? – Lauren Dimet Waters

1 thought on “Is It Ever OK To Go Braless?”

  1. Perhaps this is what people said over a half century ago about daring to go without a corsette! Can’t you just leave us women in peace with our own choices?! Wearing a bra is a useless, uncomfortable and unhealthy convention. I certainly do enjoy that free and easy feeling of bralessness and it does look good as well.


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